Rubbermaid Commercial Safti Grip Bath Mat

Let’s step it up a bit.

I’ve been doing these reviews for quite a while now and I have grown to realize what makes people happy in terms of quality and efficiency, as well as regarding the balance, between the quality and the price. And I have done this for a wide range of products, including bath mats.



General Problems With Bath Mats:

Now, when talking about best non slip bath mat for elderly, I have noticed that most of the people who have found certain problems that were taking the quality away from of the respective products, generally agreed on several aspects:

  • The nasty chemical smell in some cases
  • The fact that some bath mats are too thin
  • The fast accumulation of mold
  • The poor material strength, allowing for ruptures in some cases
  • The fact that some bath mats allow for the accumulation of residual water
  • The fact that some are harder to clean and dry than others, because they are not impermeable.
  • Some become discolored rather fast
  • Some are not large enough

These problems have been noticed by a lot of users and I always use these guidelines to know the difference between a piece that they would find acceptable or even perfect and one that they would definitely avoid.

This brings us to the Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat.


How does it hold up to inspection?

I was very interested in reviewing this bath mat, because, although there are so many out there to choose from, you always get something new with each one. And I wanted to see what this piece brings new to the table.

And what I found is that there are also ups and downs with this one too, but the ups clearly outweigh the downs. Here is what I mean.


The positive aspects

A lot thicker than most on the market

Thin bath mats have always been a problem, because thin means fragile for the most cases. Having a thin mat, with a lot of suction power, only means that you will risk ripping the suction cups when removing it for cleaning.

If you are trying to avoid that by removing it as rare as possible, you stumble across a different problem – the mold. No mat is mold-proof which means you need to remove it completely from the bathtub in order to clean it. And that is a lot easier with a thicker piece like Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat. No questions about it.

Prevents slipping when stepping on it

We are not talking about its grip on the tub’s surface, but about the mat’s own surface. You see this problem with a lot of mats, which do have a powerful suction, but their own surface is slippery. So you stop slipping on the surface of the tub, just so you begin slipping on the surface of the mat.

Not the case here, because this mat has a textured surface, providing you with an improved adhesion to its material. This mat is applicable to both freestanding and built-in bathtub.

Great material, great feel

Contrary to a lot of other bath mats, the material used in this one is top quality. We are talking about latex-free rubber that delivers a smooth and soft feel and it is completely safe for use. It is toxin-free as well.

Antibacterial feature

It is always a must-have with any bath mats, not just with a few and this one certainly delivers in this regard. The Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat is great in preventing the development of both bacteria and mildew. However, this does not mean that it is either bacteria or mildew-proof.

Make no mistake. If you truly want to avoid those from appearing at all, you need to regularly wash your mat. Mainly once a week should do it.


The negative aspects

It is too small

This is, I believe, something that has been noticed by a lot of users. Especially by those, who have larger bathtubs and would’ve liked for the mat to be a bit longer and wider. With only 28” in length and 16” in width, Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat falls shorter than other pieces in this regard.

However, it definitely does something good, considering the fact that people have ignored this aspect and bought it anyway.


Some crucial aspects

There are some aspects that need clarification. Such as:

Q: Does it stick on both flat and textured surfaces?

Yes. I assume you didn’t see that coming. It is understandable, especially when considering the fact that most bath mats only stick to flat and smooth surfaces.

Q: Can I wash it in the washing machine?

You can, but it is a bit more difficult than with other mats. This is because Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat is thicker and, thus, heavier than others. But you can do it, as long as you don’t overload your washing machine and leave a lot of room for the mat.

Q: Is it adult-only, or can children use it too?

Since it is softer and thicker than other mats, this one works great with children and toddlers alike.

Q: Can you feel the suction cups through the mat?

Fortunately, you don’t. The mat is too thick for that, which means the comfort will be greatly boosted.

Q: Does it curl in time?

Absolutely not. Again, thanks to its thickness, Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat preserves its shape better than any in its category.


Definitely a must-have

I would say that this is hands down one of the best products I have reviewed in this category. Remember the unwanted features we have listed at the beginning of this review?

Well, the Rubbermaid Commercial Safti-Grip Bath Mat avoids all of them and delivers an obviously upgraded experience that you simply cannot miss on.

I say take it! Try it out and, if you don’t like it, I will be here to admit my defeat.

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