PYRUS Collapsible Dog Bathtub

To be honest, I might be a bit biased regarding these types of products. Items like the PYRUS Collapsible Dog Bathtub always tingle my senses and for good reason. There are plenty of dog bathtubs on the market to choose from, but they all fall short for various reasons:

  • They have unstable legs
  • They need to be assembled on the spot and with many joints come many future structural problems
  • Can tip and turn if the pet is too energetic
  • They are often too small and don’t come with different sizes
  • Comfort is not a forte



Fortunately, this inflatable dog bathtub avoids all those problems. What is even more important is that it is not only meant for dogs, but for pretty much any other pet you might have. Like cats, for instance.

There are obvious benefits to this bathtub and a lot of people are currently switching from their regular pet bathtubs to the foldable ones like PYRUS Dog Bathtub. Why? Here is why.


The advantages are enormous

Nothing else matters, when listing the advantages, than what users have experienced. As a matter of fact, the following benefits have been mentioned by users. All in all, what you will be getting is:

More space

The PYRUS Inflatable Dog Bathtub comes in two sizes: L and XL. In the XL version you can have two or three dogs bathing at once. In the L one you can put the biggest dog you can find. Unless he is a big as a horse, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Easy to install

No need to resort to advance knowledge to install the this bathtub. Unlike legged bathtubs, you don’t need to worry about joints, installing the drainage system and putting together the legs, among other things. With this one, you just unfolded and fill it with water.

Saves a lot of time

You won’t have to use a restraining leash to make sure you keep your dog steady inside the bath. You might not even have to wash the dog personally. You can just fill the tub with water and let it play in it for a while, if you don’t have time to take care of it.

Easy to store and easier to carry

After you unfold it, you can literally pack it in a hand bag and carry it with you in your trip. Or you can store it a lot easier inside the house, compared to a regular pet tub that doesn’t come with the same feature.

You can use it as a baby tub

Bit shocking, I know, but you can, with no problem whatsoever. Due to its size, this bathtub can easily accommodate a 2-3 year old, if you decide to use it that way.


Users would also have liked it to

Come in more than 1 color

Currently, it only comes in sky blue. If you have a different taste, you might want to go for another product.

Have a reinforced outer bottom

When you want to use the PYRUS Collapsible Dog Bathtub on a hard and rigid surface, you need to protect the bottom by using a piece of thick material. Some users would have liked for it to already have that feature.


You should know this additional info before purchasing

  • The material used is PVC – durable, comfortable and eco-friendly
  • The actual sizes are – Large (47.3 inches in diameter and 11.8 inches in depth) and Extra-large (63 inches in diameter and 11.9 inches in depth)
  • The drainage system is extremely efficient and easy to use
  • Easy to clean, no fuss about it
  • Don’t use indoors, because there will be a lot of splashing involved


Should you or should you not?

As it sits right now, I see no reason to not buy the PYRUS Inflatable Dog Bathtub. It has it all – efficiency, quality, durability and comfort. This is the perfect tool for pet owners. So, “You should”.

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