Puj Tub: In-Sink Baby Bathtub for Newborn

A baby needs all the care in the world.

And this extends to the bathing time as well. Newborns and infants to the age of 6 months need special attention when it comes to bath in a baby bathtub for newborn. The process itself is not so difficult, but it does require more attention and a higher degree of control.



This Baby Bathtub has been created to accommodate any baby’s needs, while making the whole process easier for parents. Everybody knows that using the adults’ best freestanding tub to bathe your munchkin is usually not a great idea, because of the low degree of control you can exert.

This piece, however, solves that problem. All you need is the Puj Foldable Baby Bathtub and a medium-sized sink and you are good to go.


Simple and effective

There are few products on the market today that have a simpler, yet more effective design than this Puj Bathtub. Usually, people are reluctant to purchase visually simple items, fearing that the quality will match the simplicity of the design.

Obviously, that is not the case with the this Bathtub and here is why:

 It is all about comfort

This was the main reason why the Puj infant Bathtub has been designed the way it is. Comfort is the primary goal, because once your infant feels comfortable, it will make your job that much easier.

The Puj In-Sink Bathtub is designed to follow the lines of the infant’s body, making for an efficient bathing cradle.

 Strong and resistant material

The BPA/PVC composite material is light, yet very strong and quite durable, when compared more expensive materials. This one combines the impressive quality with an affordable price in a way few items in the same category succeed.

Bacterial and mildew repellent

This is a crucial feature when talking about any types of products that are meant for newborns, infants or toddlers. Since their immune system is not fully developed, we need to resource to anti-bacterial materials to protect them, at least when they are most vulnerable.

The mold resistant feature is also an important one, especially when considering that the Baby Bathtub is to be used in a wet environment.

Designed for the majority of the standard-sized sinks

This is also a major plus, because, by placing the baby bathtub in a sink, you get a higher degree of control and stability, versus using it in the adults’ bathtub.

Your baby will feel great and you will be able to bathe him, without fearing he might slip when he struggles to escape your grip.

 It can be folded and stored with ease

Thanks to its clever design features, the Puj newborn bathtub can be stored in some of the narrowest spaces in your home. Once folded, it becomes flat and can even be hanged in the storage closet, with no problem.

It has a soft material

This is a must, every time you talk about infants-related items, this is one of the features that you need to be looking for. The fact that it is soft, means that it provides comfort and, combined with the cradle-like shape, it greatly increases the level of relaxation.

The water overflow system

Even though the Puj Baby Bathtub is not too deep, the water overflow orifice will make sure you have just about the level of water you need to get the job done.


How will this improve the bathing experience?

In the end, this is what everybody wants to find out. Is it worth the investment?

There is only one way to analyze that – Compare the benefits you will be getting from it with what you have right now. And, in order to lend you a hand, here are the most important benefits you need to keep in mind:

  • You can wash your infant using both of your hands – Instead of trying to support his body with one hand and struggling to do entire job with the other one.
  • It will allow you to maintain a healthier position – Without the need to constantly bend over and maintain that position for the entire time you are bathing your baby.
  • It preserves energy – Actually, it uses none. Aside from that, it saves a lot of water and space.
  • It is very easy to clean – Due to the material it is made of, this bathtub can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • The baby will be protected by the foam layer – The Puj newborn bathtub is made of foam, which is soft and protective and it will keep the baby’s head safe from the hard surface of the sink, as well as from its coldness.
  • You can adapt the shape and size of this bathtub – It only depends on what your baby’s needs are, but the fact that you have this option is actually quite a plus.


What does it lack?

The fact that it does not fit in all types of sinks. Before buying it, you need to calculate the dimension of your sink, just to be sure.

Aside from the well being of the baby, the Puj infant bathtub is also meant for mothers. Bathing your infant is not an easy task, when taking into consideration all the things that could go wrong.

An item like the Puj baby bathtub is made to overcome all the obstacles you might encounter.


Finally, should you buy it?

I don’t even think this is even a real question.

Yes, of course you need to buy it. There are too many benefits to be able to ignore it. You are not allowed to ignore it.

With Puj in-sink baby bathtub, one thing is for certain – you will love it, but probably nowhere near as much as your baby will.

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