PRIMO Euro Bath- Best for Toddler

One bathtub to rule them all. Okay, so I have talked about the importance of a certain balance between the simplicity of design and efficiency. This would not be the first product.



However, I need to do it again here, because PRIMO Euro Bath really takes things to a whole new level. As far as I can tell, I believe this item is among the best baby bathtubs in its category, hands down and here is why.


Key Features


Let’s start with the features and explain what is it that makes this such a beacon of light in terms of baby bathtubs.

It can be used for an extended period of time

The majority of the baby bathtubs you can find are meant for newborns and infants, up to the age of around 9 months or so. Some even go as much as passing the 1 year limit. PRIMO Euro Bath goes as far as 2 years of age.

State of the art design

By “state of the art” I mean “anatomically adjusted”.
In other words, the overall interior design of the bathing well follows the anatomy of the infant, offering arms and legs support. This feature will keep the infant in place, not allowing it to move erratically or to twist and turn on the PRIMO Euro Bath’s floor.

The extremely simple design allows for a fast and efficient cleaning

The plastic is extremely easy to clean, since it has no additional material to be careful about. It is all a big piece of polypropylene, which is lead-free and non-toxic, while allowing for an effective clean-up process once the bath time is over.

The size matters

In short, PRIMO Euro Bath is the largest baby bathtub available on the market today and this is a huge plus, because it makes the product to be independent.

In the sense that other baby bathtubs are usually designed to fit a sink, due to their relatively reduced sizes. This one can be used independently, which means you won’t have to worry about the size of your sink.

Kicking two birds with one stone

Aside from its initial role as a bath time mini-pool, PRIMO Euro Bath can grow to become the baby’s splashing ground. Especially since it is designed to accommodate a 2 year old munchkin and even slightly longer than that.

You can add a tie loop for storage purposes

No, it does not come with the PRIMO Euro Bath. However, it is a cheap item you can get from your local hardware store, it is made out of plastic and it serves as a hanger, which can save you a lot of space.

Always a problem with storing these above-average sized products and, although PRIMO Euro Bath is not A LOT BIGGER than other similar products, it does occupy slightly more space than them.

 Near to 100% safety input

Because of its high margins and the supportive inner design, PRIMO EuroBath is absolutely 100% safe against accidentally falling over the edges.


It is All about Getting the Best Out of It


PRIMO Euro Bath


Yes, this is the exact reasoning that lays at the foundation of PRIMO Euro Bath.

I mean, look at it this way:

  • You are tired of too expensive baby bathtubs, with too little to offer
  • Unsafe and uncomfortable designs
  • You are tired of hazardous materials, allowing bacterial accumulation
  • You are tired of poorly made products that will quickly wear off
  • And, you want something you can use for a longer period of time

Of course you will eventually end up with PRIMO Euro Bath, because this innovative and extremely efficient baby bathtub avoids all of those aspects.


What is the General Perception?


Obviously, you cannot definitively present your conclusion on any product, unless you test the waters first.

So, what did the users said about the PRIMO Euro Bath? Here is what the majority of them concluded and loved, after using it for a lot of time.


What users like most

  • PRIMO Euro Bath is bigger and more spacious than others, able to accommodate a 2 year old toddler
  • USA made, which comes with that feel of guaranteed quality
  • The baby can use it as its playground once he grows over the age of 1
  • They don’t have to worry about their baby’s safety
  • It has a soap compartment
  • It can even fit 2 infants at the same time


What the users didn’t like so much

  • Paradoxically, some ended up disliking the fact that it is too big.
  • Others found it too small, since their babies outgrew PRIMO Euro Bath in a little over 1 year

The PRIMO Euro Bath measurements are 36″x21″x10″, which is more than enough for normal sized babies, up to the age of two. Some clients have even used it by the time their baby grew to 3-years of age. The problems regarding the PRIMO Euro Bath size are, thus, extremely rare.


One of the Perfect Pieces


I will be honest with you on this one. As it sits right now, the PRIMO Euro Bath just might be the near-to-perfect baby bathtub. The quality, combined with the design’s simplicity and with the affordable price makes everything a whole lot better.

Looking at the market nowadays, the options you have are extremely diverse, there is no question about that. But not complete. This is the real problem.

And as far as I can tell, PRIMO Euro Bath is as close to complete as you can find.


A Must Have Baby Bathtub


As a final line, yes, this is something you need. Not something you want, something you need. As a parent, you want what is best for your child and nothing beats PRIMO Euro Bath.

It is durable, comfortable, affordable, it can be used for longer than any other product in its category and it performs better in every way. Thousands of users have declared this as the baby bathtub of choice and that cannot be argued with.

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