Organic and Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set

The natural takes over the artificial

Bath bombs are more than a luxury. They have become a need. People are harnessing the benefits more and more lately, which is obvious when you get to see bath bomb sets with literally thousands of positive reviews.

But there is a more interesting aspect to notice here. People are beginning to switch to more natural products and the market changes accordingly. This is where we get to this particular bath bomb set we are going to look into today.



Since there are so many options to choose from, it comes natural that going for what is best for you is tricky to say the least. There are lots of investigations that need to take place. So, let me do that for you and unveil what this new addition is all about.


This Bath Bombs Gift Set imposes quality

As you may already know, bath bombs are not all the same. Different brands come up with different products, some more qualitative than others. And with some being quite dreadful in this regard.

So how do we define quality in relation to bath bombs? I have looked into a lot of similar products so far and I have come up with a list of characteristics that define true quality in terms of bath bomb sets. And the same qualities are present here:


This Bath Bombs Gift Set is perfect for a complete relaxation

The entire purpose of a bath bomb is to provide you with a completely relaxed body and state of mind. This one achieves that goal perfectly, resorting to a mix of exotic scents and incredible soothing effects you are unlikely to get elsewhere.

Beneficial physical effects

Setting aside the mere mental benefits, this bath bombs gift set is great for another reason – muscle and joint relief. It seems like these babies are quite effective in completely relaxing the muscles, while eliminating the stress from your joints as well. Not something you can say about a lot of similar products.

Natural detoxification

Here is another interesting aspect. Your body accumulates a lot of toxins during the day. It releases some but mostly retains a lot. This is why you absolutely need a detoxification session once in a while and there is no better and more pleasant way to do it other than immersing yourself in the wonders of the Bath Bombs Gift Set.

Relief from allergies

I have seen this claim with several bath bomb sets and I have to say that this is one of the reasons that would make me buy it. It certainly doesn’t work in all kinds of allergies, but the fact that it works in some is good enough for me.

 The color intensity

One problem that the users have noticed in regard to some of the bath bomb sets is the poor coloring. There have been so many problems with the bombs not delivering enough color that the market has grown skeptic about these types of products.

And then we have the Bath Bombs Gift Set providing us with a large variety of colors whose intensity is actually perfect.

Intense scent

Each bath bomb in particular has a distinct aroma that will clearly satisfy any taste. The aromatherapy you will be going through is something you will be definitely grateful for and you can see that in the way this product has been received by the general public.


How is this one different?

With so many options at hand, it is always difficult to pinpoint the differences between different bath bomb sets, so I have done that for you.

So here is what this particular Bath Bombs Gift Set does great, as well as what it does poorly.

The bath bombs are large enough

No one wants a ping-pong sized ball. The size mattes in this case and these bombs are the size of a tennis ball. Large enough to fill in the entire bathtub with fizzes, color and perfume.

Natural content

The Bath Bombs Gift Set delivers vegan and gluten-free products. There are no animal components, so you can be at ease regarding this aspect.

The quality is Lush size, the price is lower

The ration between the price and the quality is spot on. And it cuts no corners on the overall quality as well.

The scent is a delight

Usually I see people complaining by the fact that the scent of the bath bombs is either too vague or too strong, making the entire experience unpleasant. Not the case with this one, since the aromas are perfectly balanced to give you a real treat.

Easy to clean

Since the colors don’t stain, cleaning the bathtub afterwards will be a breeze.

The soothing sensation is great

Your skin will be enveloped with an amazing silky sensation. There is no way you will not appreciate it.

Time for some clarifications

Let’s keep this short and on point:



Q: How natural is this brand really?

A: All the way. The Bath Bombs Gift Set brand, which is Beauty by Earth, is cruelty free and completely vegan and environmental friendly.

Q: What are the ingredients?

A: Well, I have to see, this is one question I dreaded. There are so many that I can’t write them all here. But here are some: Epsom salt, organic Shea butter, Sunflower oil, Citric acid, Dead Sea salt, Vitamin E, Kaolin clay plus several dozen others.

Q: How do you use them?

A: Fill in your tub, set the water temperature to just-perfect, choose your weapon, drop it in the warm water and enjoy.

Q: Are these USA made?

A: Yes.

Q. Can I use this product if my skin is sensitive?

A: Yes, you can. This product is usable on the sensitive skin.

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You should buy it

This is a done deal. The Bath Bombs Gift Set delivers in style. There is nothing that could cause you to regret your choice. Bathroom is an important aspect of your home and bath bombs will make it fragrant!

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