Oliver Rocket Organic Scent Bath Bomb Set

Bath bombs are the better alternative to anything you might buy to try get the same effects. There, I said it. I am sure a lot of you guys have tried to figure out what is it that makes bath bombs so popular and not only that, but also what is it that differentiates some extra large bath bombs set from others.



And then we get to the Oliver Rocket Organic Scents Bath Bomb Set and it all becomes clear. According to many of the users, these beauties make up for one of the best sets around and there are a lot of actual facts to back those claims.

So let’s see just how good these bath bombs are.


Lots of pluses

Before jumping into the pros and cons, we will discover what the set actually contains. You will get 6 bath bombs of different colors and flavors:

  • Black Raspberry vanilla
  • Cucumber melon
  • Lavender
  • Moonlight Rose
  • Grapefruit tangerine
  • Cool water


Regarding the actual ingredients, these are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Organic colorant
  • Fragrance oil
  • Shea butter
  • Kosher sea salt
  • Water
  • Citric acid
  • Baking soda

This shows two things, essentially. It shows that Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set spares no expenses when it comes to quality and the fact that it puts a lot of value on the organic part.


Key Features: Taking things to a whole new level

Nobody cares about anything else than quality. This is true regardless whether talking about bath bombs or any other product, no matter the category. And, regarding bath bombs, quality generally refers to the experience you are getting when using the product.

This Organic Scents Bath Bomb Set is definitely extremely appreciated among the consumers for several reasons.

The smell is otherworldly

Aside from the fact that the scent is extremely aromatic and pleasant, the intensity is actually something to behold. It is no wonder that a lot of users have claimed that the Oliver Rocket bomb set is actually more impressive than lush products, in regards to the strength of the aroma.

We are talking about extra-size

Unlike similar products in the market, this set contains 6 oversized balls that will grant you much more fizzes and an overall enriched experience. It is always a disappointment to receive bombs that are too small to make for a great impact. Not in this case, though, since these babies will be more than enough to cope with the entire bathtub in one shot.

USA made quality

A lot of bath bombs present on the market are USA made. Also, a lot of them aren’t. And, as it seems, consumers tend to prefer the first ones, for obvious reasons. The quality is unparalleled and they always come gluten-free and mostly vegan in nature, making them perfect for absolutely everybody. The same goes for the Oliver Rocket bath bomb set.

An orgy of fizzes

After all, aside from the powerful scent, the fizzes are the second most important aspect. This is what gives you the impression of going through a spa-like experience, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. This feature right here makes for all the money.

Soothing sensation

What you get is ultimately a long lasting sensation of skin soothing and a delicate flavor following you the entire day. This feature will extend the bathing experience long after it actually took place, making this bath bomb set that much more appreciated.


What did the users think?

Obviously, one of the most important parts in analyzing any product is how the consumers view it. In other words, what did they find most compelling when looking into the pros and cons for the Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set?

So I have looked to see what did the users like and what they didn’t. Here is what I found:


  • The smell, which is aromatic and extremely strong
  • The fact that the bombs are extra-size
  • The diversity of colors, which don’t stain
  • The plenitude of fizzes
  • The long lasting soothing effect
  • The overall impressive and delightful experience


  • Some people reported broken bath bombs. Probably because of the courier.
  • Some thought that the smell was actually too strong.

It is obviously hard for me to take those cons for granted. They are hardly problems in the true sense of the word.


Have to get it

I am not going to lie, this bath bomb set seems great. The benefits are there, there is no question about it, and there are virtually no minuses worth mentioning.

Literally, almost everybody compares the quality of this organic scents bath bomb set with that of lush bombs and, I have to say, this is enough to change anyone’s mind.


Final Notes

Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set is the actual embodiment of what top-notch quality is all about. There is no way around that. If you want what’s best, then you will only pick your item of choice only after carefully analyzing the ups and downs.

It is obvious that this bath bomb set ranks among the best bath bomb sets currently on the market and this review shows it.

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