Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

The look of this baby bathtub is very playful. Babies always seek a playful & enjoyable environment. It is medically proven that children ages 2-10 years learn quickly when they participate in any game.

This hot inflatable duck tub keeps this basic in mind. The color combination & the structure of the bathtub will easily attract your baby. They will learn how to take a bath and enjoy every moment of it.


This duck-shaped inflatable tub is, above all, fun and interesting, especially for a toddler, although it can be used with a fair amount of success for infants as well.


Essential Features

So what exactly does this Hot Inflatable Duck Tub offer, aside from appealing to babies and changing the terms of the bath time sessions?

In order to clarify this aspect, let’s take a look at the essential features it provides:

  • It is roomy enough to take in a 2 years old baby. It could probably go beyond that, but that means stretching its capabilities a bit.
  • Anti-slip bathing floor. Meaning that your toddler can have the fun of his time with the Duck Tub, without you worrying he could slip and fall.
  • It has a heat prevention system. The safety disc it possesses will change its color to white when the water exceeds the water temperature safety levels.
  • Inflatable, which means you can carry it with you during travels and it is extremely easy to inflate, deflate and fold.
  • The duck is padded for an increased level of comfort and it includes a headrest, so that your baby could taste the full experience of the Duck Tub.
  • The drain orifice allows you to empty the mini-pool with no heavy lifting required, even though the item only weighs 1.6 pounds.

But here is the best thing about it – You do not need a large quantity of water for your toddler to have the best time of his life. All you need is a few inches and the Duck Tub will do the rest.


Exceptional experience

It is important for the baby to think of the bath time in terms of pleasure and excitement. A lot of parents have problems with their infant or toddler hating the bathing time and going over the top to avoid it.

And we all know how that goes.

This bathtub is a popular one because Munchkin makes it like a toy combined with a bathtub. I have my personal experience that children are very fond of ducks that are swimming in the water. A baby maybe reluctant to take a bath but he/she will love to see ducks swimming. This mindset is replicated during the manufacturing process of the tub.

Once they go in to the tub for bathing you will see babies are enjoying to the fullest. My nephew loves this bathtub very much and believe me it is really hard to get him out of the water.

So is this Duck Tub an essential addition?

There is no question about it and here is why:

With the Duck Tub he will learn to enjoy bathing

This is a crucial aspect, because, unlike adults, everything is play and play some more with children. The same goes for toddlers and infants so be sure they will have the time of their life with this amazing piece.

It transforms the bath time into a memorable experience

As the Munchkin bathtub is easily inflatable you can actually carry this on your day out, even if it is a several days trip. It is lightweight and easy to carry. And your baby will have his/her favorite bathtub-toy all the time.

And your baby will have his favorite bathtub-toy with him at all times.

It works like a nanny

Yep, it sure does. It does not mean that it can ever replace the responsibility of an adult, but the Duck Tub will definitely keep him occupied for a longer period of time. Just give him some toys to splash the water with and you won’t have to worry about him for quite a while.

The Duck Tub will virtually become his inflatable nanny and his best playtime friend at the same time.

Got another munchkin waiting in line? Don’t worry, they both fit right in

That’s right, there is plenty of room for two, especially when the toddlers are in the 12-months age range. The two babies will both fit into the Duck Tub with no problem and it is needless to say they will have a blast. However, it will be difficult for them to bathe together. More like playing, since the Duck Tub is spacious, but not that spacious.

It doesn’t come often that you get an inflatable tub for two that offers such a delicious experience for your toddlers, with such little effort and money spent.


Some detailed clarifications

Will the Duck Tub be roomy enough?

Check it out for yourself – 9.2 x 3 x 7.5. That makes for a decent amount of room.

Can it be inflated by mouth?

Sure, but it will wear you off if you are not an Olympic runner. An occasional air compressor will quickly solve that problem, though.

Is it puncture-proof?

Probably not puncture-proof, but definitely resilient enough against anything the baby or the toddler could throw at it. It is made out of very thick lead free plastic, which offers you a great degree of safety against a wide range of situations.

Can it be used for a newborn?

Not recommended. The minimum age required is 6 months.

Can you fit it inside the shower?

It usually fits, but it mainly depends on the shower measurements.

Is it worth a buy?

Absolutely, there is no question about it. Get it and your toddlers will be grateful for it.

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