Magic Showerhead SH1026 – 7 LED Colors Fading Shower Head

There is no better way to add color, fun, and excitement to your shower time than with an LED shower head. The LED shower head by MagicShowerhead is a top quality product that has been designed with 7 different colors. This budget-friendly unit has a touch of contemporary design that will give your bathroom a fresh, new look.

With so many LED shower heads to choose from, this has proven itself to be one of the best LED shower heads available on the market.




The MagicShowerhead LED shower head comes with a variety of features that makes it a top quality shower head. They are as follows:

 Fun and Innovative Design

This showerhead is designed to use LED to provide beautiful illumination of up to 7 different colors. These colors range from white, purple, green, blue, red, yellow, and orange. It produces these colors in a fading fashion in order to give you a relaxing and entertaining shower time.

Also, it comes with multiple variations to choose from. These include a single color, continuously fading colors, or water temperature sensitive color depending on your mood. The MagicShowerhead is ideal for children who find it hard to take a shower. This showerhead will turn your bathroom into a fun space that makes them suddenly want to shower more.

 Self-powered Operation

Unlike most of the shower heads you can find on the market, this showerhead does not require the use of a battery or electricity. It is only powered by water pressure which is converted into an electric current by a small dynamo which then illuminates the soothing colors. This makes it a top choice since it is environment-friendly and also helps promote green living.

Besides, using a self-powered showerhead will save you the trouble of changing the batteries every once in a while.

 Low Water Consumption

One of the helpful features of this showerhead is that it can help you conserve water. The water consumption of this jet patterned unit is below 2.5 gallons/min at 80psi. This restricted water consumption lets you save plenty of water. As a result, you will be able to scale down your energy bills without sacrificing the performance.

 Easy to Install

An effortless installation is a crucial feature for each showerhead. This LED showerhead can be installed without any difficulty. You just need to screw it into the wall so you can start enjoying your shower in minutes.

 Quality Material

MagicShowerhead’s LED shower head is made of a high quality ABS material that makes it durable and long-lasting. It also has a chrome finish to give it a contemporary design. It is truly a unique addition to your bathroom that is worth your money.


Having a versatile shower head is important since it will help you save money in the long run. This LED showerhead can easily be fitted to a standard shower pipe or any other pipework. The best part is that it can be used be used for various purposes like you can use this shower head in your RV and in your regular bathtub. Besides, it comes with a swivel connector that enables you to change the direction of the water jet.

 Easy to Clean

In most cases, it can be frustrating and daunting to clean your showerhead. It is for this reason that MagicShowerhead comes with a removable lens which helps clean the unit with ease. This setting makes the shower head a low maintenance product.




  • Comes with 7 LED color choices
  • Allows you to save water
  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Environment-friendly design
  • Does not require battery or electricity to operate




  • Can have low water flow


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Is this product durable?

A: It’s made of ABS material which makes it long-lasting. However, it’s not as durable compared to other products made of high-end materials.

Q: Is it okay to remove its water saver?

A: Removing the water saver will reduce the pressure, and this can interfere with its performance.

Q: Does this product require batteries?

A: As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to use batteries or electricity to use it since it is powered by water pressure.

Q: What are the dimensions of this product?

A: This product measures 3.1 x 3.1 x 5.3 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces.

Q: Is it possible to change a particular color?

A: The color of the shower head changes mechanically and there is no gradual amendment.


Final Verdict


If you are looking to make a unique and stylish addition to your bathroom, this is the best LED shower head for you. This showerhead adds fun and entertainment to your shower without compromising its performance. With its 7 color options, versatile design, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and chrome finish, this LED shower head will surely give you an exceptional shower experience.

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