Lush Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit for Dry Skin

The best gift and the best treat. Taking a bath has long stopped to be just a physical necessity. Nowadays, it is a mental treat and people are behaving as such. And nothing spells “treat” better than a class A bath bomb. There is nothing that spells luxury, delight and spoiling than the best bath bombs.

Still not convinced? I know, I’ve been there. So let me detail that for you. Today we are going to talk about Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan All Natural Essential Oil. Which got me curious urged me to find out more. And here is what I learned.


Bath bombs are Multi-functional and Amazing


There are, in essence, a lot of benefits to go through. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. But for a clearer image, let me detail what that actually means.

This is what you get from Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan:

  • Long lasting perfume will give you refreshing feelings for a longer period of time
  • Soft and delicate feel on your skin surface that you will enjoy
  • No risk of tainting your tub or body, because the bath bombs are not colored
  • No oil residues like in the case of other similar products
  • Nutritive gains, as well as actual psychological benefits

Okay, so out of all these points, the last one intrigues the most people. I know for a fact it intrigued me. So let’s clarify that aspect. You get 6 different bath bombs. All of them are made out of entirely natural ingredients and they are not just for show.

You will actually get both biological and psychological benefits from using these babies and here is why.


Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan Consists of


Lemon, lime, orange and bergamot oils – Yoga Sunrise

An amazing treat for your senses. The refreshing and powerful aroma will stick with you for the rest of the day.

Lavender, lime and Geranium oils – Garden of the Gods

The name is pretty suggestive. This ingredient is definitely a more than welcome addition to the whole. The aroma of lavender makes up for an undisputed feeling or richness and purity.

Eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, cypress and pine oils

This combination is perfect for those with sinus congestion. It will actually help you feeling relief as the ingredients will aid in dealing with this problem.

Grapefruit oil

This is an energizing cocktail that works hand in hand with the whole purpose of taking a bath. It should work like an energizer, because the reason you are taking a bath in the first place is to clean, refresh and energize and this combination is spot-on.

Marjoram, ylang and lavender oils

This mix is actually perfect in relieving stress, making the whole experience that much better. It is recommended especially for stressed moms, who just want a time off from their daily duties, but it works just as good for everyone else.

Vanilla essential oil

There isn’t much to talk about vanilla, except the unmistakable aroma, combined with a smoothing skin effect that is extremely hard to come by with other products.

All of the ingredients are natural and organic which can be used by the people with sensitive skin also and this vegan mix definitely does its job better than you could’ve suspected.


Changing the Bathing Experience


Lush Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit


Needless to say, the Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan is a real success on the market. It is extremely rare to see a product with extremely positive reviews in popular e-commerce sites. Personally, I have never seen it.

But why do the consumers appreciate it so much? Obviously, bath bombs are making shower gels redundant. There is no comparison here. So let’s see what this is all about.


Bath bomb gift set kit – for everyone

Adults and children alike absolutely love bath bombs and they surely have plenty of reasons to do so. The fact that they can be used by everyone is a great plus.

The natural content is ideal

As a matter of fact, Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan has been created as a response to the manufacturers’ 12 year old daughter, who suffered from a chronic auto immune disease. They have designed this particular composition in order to prevent other children or adults from experiencing unwanted side effects.

Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan is 100% safe and perfect for everybody.

Good against allergies

Some users have even claimed that Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan has helped them get rid of allergies as it relieved the symptoms after several uses. How about that?

Perfect aroma, combined with an amazing feeling

All of the users, no exception made, have reported that the Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan incredible scent lasts for hours, regardless of how long their bath sessions were. In addition, the sensation of skin softness and calmness will persist for the entire day, creating an unparalleled experience.


The Con

What about the negatives? Surely there must be some negative aspect regarding Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan, right? Actually, sometimes the product gets broken or damaged by even a small pressure. The issue may be associated with manufacturing fault.

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Final Notes


Bath bombs are designed with pleasure in mind. Sure, they combine utility with pleasure, which is definitely a big plus. But the main reason why they have been created in the first place is for the users to experience something completely new and delightful.

Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan is practically perfect. There is no other way to put it.

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