IKEA Microfiber Bath Mat

Here is something different!

I know what you must be thinking. There are a lot of bath mats out there, which makes you confused and not knowing what to get. This always happens when you have so many options to choose from.

However, when choosing, there is only one thing that matters most of all – quality. People would pay more for a quality piece, than less for a poor one and it is a natural thing to do.



But how exactly do you choose your non skid bath mat? What features should you keep an eye out for and what should you avoid?

Well, this is why I am here.


Key Features

Every bath mat comes with something new to the table and this one is no different in this regard. However, it is vastly different than other bath mats and here is why.

The material

This time we don’t have plastic. We don’t even have rubber. We have microfiber. To be more precise, 100% polyester microfiber. This only means one thing. Or, to be more precise, several things:

  • The mat will be a lot softer than the plastic or rubber ones
  • It will absorb the water incredibly fast and effective
  • It is a lot more comfortable

The diversity of colors

I know, I know, we were supposed to talk about its efficiency, not about the way it looks. Yet, the way it looks is, in some cases, the main reason why a lot of people purchase it. Having a lot of colors to pick and choose from can come quite in handy and this bath mat comes with 7 options in that regard.

The added anti-slipping option

I know, it sounds peculiar. Because the majority of the bath mats have that feature included. You don’t generally need to add anything else to the mat, so that it will become non-slippery. But, then again, you don’t always get mats that act like blankets, do you?

So, even though this microfiber bath mat is anti-slippery in some degree, you should get yourself the STOPP underlay to increase that effect.

Easier to clean than other mats

The thing about this IKEA bath mat is that, thanks to the material it is made of, throwing it in the washing machine will be more effective than in the case of other mats. Both plastic and rubber are harder to clean in the washing machine, because the materials they are made of are more rigid.

The polyester microfiber, however, is a lot more malleable, acting like any other piece of clothing. You will be definitely grateful for this feature.


What is the general feel?

Regarding how the users feel about it, the general impression is absolutely great. All of them have basically noticed the same aspects.

The positives:

  • This mat is fit for all bathtubs. It is 35” by 24”, more than enough for all tastes.
  • It is 1.25” thick, which only means one thing – comfort.
  • The color does not fade in time. It is highly resilient and long-lasting, which is highly appreciated among the general public.
  • Even if it’s mainly just a quality rug, it can become an effective anti-slippery mat by using the STOPP underlay.
  • Doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as the plastic or rubber versions
  • It keeps its shape as it doesn’t retain the footprints, not even after months of regular, daily use.

The negatives:

  • The fact that it lacks the anti-slipping option. Sure you can get it separately, but it is not included, which goes in the “I wish it had” category.
  • Some have reported that standing on it for too long can feel uncomfortable. It is pretty unclear what they mean by “too long” and “uncomfortable” but only a handful of them have reported this thing.


Is it better than its competition?

I honestly find it difficult to compare the IKEA TOFTBO Microfiber Bath Mat with any other product in the same category, because they are so different. Nothing is the same, starting with the materials and ending with the overall feel.

But here is what I do know. If you want a bath mat that could provide you with the impressive quality for a long-term, then this one will beat a most of its competition with ease. It may not be the ultimate bath mat, but it is definitely out there, ranking high in its category.


Breaking down the essentials

The essentials are that IKEA TOFTBO Bath Mat is definitely a piece to keep in mind. Is it the best money can buy? I have no idea, to be honest with you. But here is what I do know:

  1. It is for everybody, be it adult or child.
  2. Soft and comfortable, it will make your feet feel great
  3. Easy to clean. Just as easy as a t-shirt
  4. Durable in the long run
  5. Resilient color and material
  6. An entire diversity of colors
  7. Good anti-slippery surface, with the option to increase its effectiveness by resourcing to STOPP
  8. Large enough to satisfy every need
  9. You can also use it as a bathroom rug
  10. An overall intelligent acquisition, considering the benefits


Final Verdicts

So, if you ask me, I believe that the IKEA TOFTBO Microfiber Bath Mat is worth it. This is because we value quality on top of everything else and this one definitely delivers a great deal of quality.

Virtually the only downside that the users have reported is the fact that it doesn’t have the anti-slipping technology included and that you need to get it outside the original package. Other than that, there are almost no truly important downsides to be noticed.

This may not be the dream bath mat, but it definitely goes there.

Christopher has been working on the 'Home Renovation' niche for the last decade. He always admires the minimalist design and architectural efficiency.
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