How to Use a Baby Bath Tub With Sling

There are lots of aspects you need to keep in mind while you use a baby bath tub with a sling, such as security, efficiency, comfort, fun and so on. Viewing bathing as a simple cleaning process is wrong, to begin with. Your baby needs to love it and you need to stop worrying about the little things like his safety and comfort.



This is what brings us to the baby bathtubs with slings included. The sling is a great addition for several reasons.


Benefits of Sling

  • Keep the baby safe from falling over
  • Ensures a comfortable position during bath time
  • Gives you a great support to wash the baby, without the need to hold him with one hand
  • Keeps him above the water, so you can gently accommodate him to the water temperature
  • The sling is a grow-with-the-baby bathtub feature because you can remove it as the baby grows

There are tons of different baby bathtubs so choose your favorite according to your baby’s needs. Some tubs, for instance, have an additional basin for toys.


How to Use the Sling

Here comes the bath.

Okay, so you have purchased a new baby bathtub with a sling attached. Now it is the time to use it. Here is what you need to pay attention to.


Consider the location carefully

Although the sling is a pretty secure harness, it doesn’t matter as long as the location you chose for placing the bathtub is not safe. Avoid placing it near edges or on surfaces that are not straight or level.

Check on the water

Carefully look for the water level to be just about right. It usually goes for about 2 inches when there is no sling and probably double that with the sling included. Also, you should check the water temperature. It needs to be just about right, around 100 degrees F or around 37-38 Celsius.

Place the baby in the sling

The baby should feel quite comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can leave him alone in there. Given the fact that he is still little, you need to keep an eye on him at all times. Only use the sling during his first year of life. After that point, he will grow too big anyway.

Bathe him with care

Thanks to the sling, you can now focus on effectively cleaning him, instead of being preoccupied with his safety. Clean him well and help him understand that everything is all about fun.

Forget the sling

As he will grow, the sling will become useless. You can remove it and allow your baby to play in a much larger environment until he will grow enough to be ready for the adult bathtub.


Due to its innovative and effective design, a baby bathtub with a sling already does half of your job. Both you and your baby will love it, making the bathing time that much easier and fun. You can even use a chemical free bath bomb recipe to make the bath time for your baby even more joyous. However, please don’t forget to dry your baby carefully after the bath. You should use soft paper or tissues or towels that will protect the sensitive skin of your baby.

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