Flying Pig Portable Dog Grooming Bathtub

I know, the name sounds confusing, but it makes sense. This piece is for the smallest of the animals. Well, not only the smallest ones, but for all those ranging between medium to small and lower. And this is something we desperately needed.



When you hear people wanting to purchase a portable dog bathtub, they will always look for one which is as big as possible. But what about the situation where you do not have large dogs? What then? Are you going to spend extra money for a large tub, even if you don’t really need it? Exactly.

So, now we have the Flying Pig Grooming Tub and things are changing fast. There is no point in going for a larger bathtub if you don’t need it. A medium sized one, like Flying Pig Grooming Tub will do just fine.


Is Flying Pig Grooming Tub the one to look for?

There are so many bathtubs to choose from that sometimes you get confused about what it takes to make a good one. Is the Flying Pig Grooming Tub good enough for you or you can find better? Let’s look at the facts:

Stainless steel legs with steel standing support

Right from the get-go I had to come up with the best feature. This is major. Aside from the fact that the legs are steel, not plastic, you also have a leg support of the same material, for extra stability. Now you won’t have to worry about the floor being too slippery or uneven, causing the bathtub to lose balance or overturn. This right here is a class A+ feature.

Leveler included

Here is another feature that upgrades stability and balance. The leveler is extremely useful when in case of uneven surfaces, causing the bathtub to tilt and risking overturning.

Portable and very light

You can easily dismount it and carry it with you. Thanks to its reduced sizes. Even more, it easily fits your regular bathtub, provided that you need to use it like that in some situations.

Has a drain hose

This means that you won’t waste anymore time having to drain the water after bathing is over. Just plug in the hose to the drain and let the water flow by itself.

These facts alone are enough to realize that the Flying Pig Grooming Tub is definitely a worthy purchase to give your lovely dog a bath. But beyond looking at the overall characteristics, we also need to see the impact it had on the market.


The good and the bad

Here is what the users noticed in the case of the Flying Pig Grooming Tub.

What people liked it

  • The fact that it is small, yet sturdy
  • They can take it with them on the road, without too much bother
  • The tub comes in one piece, which means it does not need to be assembled
  • Perfect for small and medium pets, both cats and dogs
  • Very stable, even on slippery or uneven floor
  • Adjustable height

What they wished it had

  • It lacks a leash or a strap to secure your pet in place
  • It doesn’t come with a mat, which means you need to buy a bath mat to prevent your pet from slipping inside the tub


As a final note

Here is what I think. Overall, this piece looks great. It has many benefits that you cannot ignore. It is durable and safe and thanks to the well constructed leg platform, you might even use it for the rest of your dogs’ lives.

Now, regarding the minuses, I don’t think they are too much to worry about. You don’t really need a strap when bathing a small dog, the tub is medium in size, so slipping won’t be an issue. The Flying Pig Grooming Tub is extremely easy to install and use.

The final note would be – You should definitely try it.

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