Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

The vibration part will blow everyone away.

A vibrating baby bathtub is almost unheard of. I have to say, it took me by surprise big time.

I know what kind of impact an item like this delivers. For the most cases, whenever we are talking about a hugely innovative feature, regardless of the topic, people will immediately react with skepticism and caution.



I can relate to this “take everything with a grain of salt” attitude. But that does not mean that constantly doubting is the way to go. You can miss a lot of impressive items, such as the Fisher-Price Vibration Bathing Tub.

The Features

Is the Fisher-Price Vibration Bathing Tub better than a regular baby bathtub?

Yes, and this is an answer that cannot be argued with.

This is not just an opinion, but an actual fact, coming from thoroughly analyzing the differences between the different models.

For instance:

Not all models have an adjustable size

For the most part, the large majority of the baby bathtubs are designed either for infants, or for newborns. This tub can be adjusted in size by removing the sling, to accommodate a toddler, in case of need.

The vibration feature is unique

It may seem like an unnecessary addition to a baby bathtub, but it is actually something that makes it stand out and not just in terms of useless design features. The Fisher-Price Vibration Bathing Tub actually uses this feature to increase the level of comfort and relaxation.

 It will grow into the infant’s playground

Once the newborn will grow into an infant, capable of sitting unassisted, this vibration bathing tub can be quickly transformed into a legitimate bathing tub, by removing the sling. This way he could even begin using his bathtub like his personal background.

 The baby-friendly back and headrest support

But, hang on, most of the baby bathtubs have backrest and headrest supports. Yea, obviously, that is a must-have feature. However, in many cases you get plastic or foam molded-in sections, as compared to the incredibly comfortable cushion in this case. Let that sink in for a moment.


Pros and Cons

First and foremost it is the fact that a baby bathtub is a must-have item. Then it is the fact that Fisher-Price Vibration Bathing Tub outweighs most of the other similar products in the market, for several reasons:

The Pros

  • Cheaper than other models, while keeping the quality high
  • The “Vibrations” feature, transforming the bathtub in a spa-like experience
  • Incredibly cozy and comfortable material
  • Easy to wash, easy to dry
  • It can grow along with the baby
  • It has anti-slipping features, providing a maximum of safety
  • Easy to carry, since it only weighs 1 pound, yet can sustain 25 pounds of weight
  • It can be probably used for the entire first year of a baby’s life


The Lacks

I knew I had to provide you guys with an honest and objective review, so I really dug my way down as deep as possible, trying to look for any downsides I could find. So here is my 2 cents on the matter:

  • It is not universally fitting. What this means is that it cannot fit in any type of sink, regardless of the size. So you might want to make sure it will fit yours, before buying it.

Other than that, I honestly have no idea what to say. This tub performs almost flawlessly and the vibrations feature is a major plus.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Does it actually vibrate and how?

Check this out, the hint is in the name: Fisher-Price Bathing Tub. So, yea, it does vibrate.

It works on batteries and what is more important is that it delivers a soft and calm vibration that could be easily used as a nap time song.

Is the sling a pro or a con?

Well, look at it this way – The sling can be detached when the baby grows beyond its limits, meaning that the Fisher-Price Vibration Bath Tub can be accustomed according to your infant’s body size.

Prior to that, the sling does a great job at supporting and entertaining the baby. It is a pro, no matter how you would look at it.

Also, the sling is slip-proof, with a bit of an inclination for increased comfort and a pillow-style head and back support that makes everything so much better.

And, yes, it is also completely safe, because the sling’s fabric deepens, allowing the baby to immerse into the hammock-like cradle.

Can I use it in a sink?


What? That is all, you can. What this basically means is that you can use it in virtually every sink, both single and double. You might find small enough sinks that won’t allow you to use the Fisher-Price Tub, but those cases are pretty rare, to put it that way.

 Can it be clean with ease?

The drain plug is easy to use, quickly eliminating all the wastewater and the additional hook is an important addition when considering the need for storage space.


Is it worth a buy?

There should be no debate about this one. As far as I could see, there are a lot of users who have purchased this piece strictly for the vibrating part.

Others have never even used it. What does actually matter is that this Fisher-Price tub does not fall short on any important feature you might ask from it. And, regardless of what you might think, the baby needs its comfort and relaxation, probably just as much as you do.

So, yeah, Fisher-Price Vibration Bathing Tub is a must-have for all of the young parents out there and even for the more experienced ones. Grab a piece and change your baby’s bath time experience.

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