Blooming Baby Bathtub – Lotus

You see it, you buy it!

Virtually, this is what I would describe the Blooming Bath Lotus. I don’t think I have ever seen an item that could make you buy it at a first glance. Then I got to see this one.

But the appealing visuals are nowhere near enough when looking to purchase any mini baby bathtub. You need to know the specifics, along with the benefits coming along with it. And, in this sense, the purely visual design is almost irrelevant.



It definitely adds up to the overall value, but, before we look at the visual impression, we need to look at what the Blooming Baby Bathtub actually delivers in terms of efficiency and innovation.


The good, the bad and the absolute best

Yes, this time we have 3 categories by which to divide the features, for a plus of understanding.

So here we go:

The good

  • The adaptable size – Yes, this one could fit any sink, because of its pliable material, allowing it to basically follow the contour of both the baby’s body and the outline of the sink you are using it in.
  • The appealing design – Although it may not seem as important for some, I guarantee that the baby will definitely feel otherwise.
  • It makes everything fun – Having fun is what will keep your infant relaxed at all times. The blooming baby bath has been created with that in mind, starting with the cozy material and ending with the clever and playful overall visuals.
  • Easy to clean, easy to dry – This baby bath is flame retardant and it can be easily cleansed in your regular dryer. No extra efforts needed.
  • It comes in quite a few color options – Even though if the color might not seem like a crucial aspect, it is definitely nice to have multiple options in this regard.


The bad

  • It can only be used for newborns and babies – Yea, I believe this is a bummer. Considering how comfy and awesome the Blooming Bath Lotus is, it would have been nice to have a longer age range.


The absolute best

  • The overall design – I don’t know about you, but I have never seen an item that would make you feel like you are bathing in your bed. This is obviously what it feels like, if you are looking at how soft and cozy the material is. In my book, this is what peak performance looks like
  • It fits into every sink – I know, we have already mentioned this feature, but here is the deal. There are a lot of baby bathtubs that end up being either too small or, more often, too wide for certain types of sinks. The Blooming Baby Bath is spot-on, highly adaptable and a marvel to watch and use.

Aside from these aspects, you could probably find other benefits if you really dive into it. But, regarding the downsides part, I guarantee you won’t be able to find any except the one I have already mentioned.


Key Features

There are not many products that could stand up to the standards this one brings. And the innovation part is definitely where this Lotus baby bathtub delivers its best blows. Here is where it shines in comparison to others:

Universally size-adaptable

This crucial innovative feature causes it to rank higher when compared to products belonging to the same category. Since there are a lot of sink models, each with its own different size, finding the right baby bathtub can be extremely difficult.

This is not the case with Blooming Baby Bathtub, since its special design allows it to cope with any space, no matter how small. As long as your baby will fit that space, obviously.

You cannot argue with the plus in comfort

When talking about comfort, different baby-tubs come with various degrees of comfort, mostly depending on the general features, as well as on the material they are being made of.

Most of them include foam or plastic, which, in my opinion, is a far-cry from what real comfort would imply. The Blooming Bath Lotus is made out of a BPA-free fabric, providing the maximum of coziness and support. Also, the water will drain a lot faster when needed.

It is absolutely safe for your newborn

Not all the baby bathtubs are equally safe. This baby bath outweighs pretty much all of them, due to one simple fact: the petal design.

The flexible petals can close on your newborn’s body in case you need to provide him with the maximum of safety, without impending his movements one bit.


What do I need to know?

Several aspects:

Q: Will the Blooming Bath Lotus retain the water effectively? It sure does not seem like it.

Yes, because the flower itself is waterproof, meaning that it can successfully hold the water in. The drainage part depends on the inclination of the tub against the sink’s drain

Q: Can this successfully replace an actual baby bathtub?

Of course. The difference between this and a baby bathtub is that this one can be used in a sink, while the bathtub is more pretentious and difficult to handle.

Q: Are there more models I can choose from?

Depending on the color, you have – Yellow, light yellow / light gray, light gray / gray, blue, light blue / gray, pink. Depending on the design, you can choose between 4 petals and 7 petals Blooming Bath Lotus.


So, worth it or not?

It is easy to use, comfortable, baby-friendly, cheap, innovative, durable and easy to clean.

I honestly have no idea what could sound more appealing than that. If you do not have one, please, this is the right time to get it.

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