Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin | Tested and Reviewed by Expert

It is a seemingly insignificant object that often have the most impact in our lives. The problem is we don’t even realize their importance until the day we lose them. This is exactly the case with toilet paper and if your skin is sensitive then you need to the find the best toilet paper for sensitive skin from the market. And, here are my recommendations:


Top Quality Toilet Papers for Sensitive Skin Compared


ImageNameSpecial FeaturePrice
Seventh Generation UnbleachedHypoallergenic toilet paper
Angel SoftManufactured from pulp fiber with no additives
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush3 silky layers
Presto- Amazon BrandSeptic-safe
Charmin Ultra SoftUltra soft
Scott RapidBest for RVs, boats & buses
Georgia Pacific 1988001Best for residence & office

We only think of toilet paper when we actually need it and because of that we don’t tend to assign it with much importance. However, quality is essential and can actually make a world of difference. Today we are going to talk about toilet paper without chemicals, as well as about the best products in the business.


Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin 2018 – In Depth Reviews


1. Charmin Ultra – Gentle Toilet Paper

Just as the name suggests, this is the perfect product for irritable and sensitive skin. Its superior quality is made Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paperto impress and deliver a comfortable and gentle experience altogether.

The pack comes with 6 rolls for everyday usage and the overall impression is close to pristine. You don’t have to worry about quantity, as each roll contains 300 sheets, or the quality for that matter. Charmin Ultra Gentle has been dermatologically tested, which makes it the safest, most reliable option you might have.

Highly irritable skin needs extra attention, especially when talking about toilet paper. And with the soothing touch and anti-septic protection provided by Charmin Ultra Gentle, that effect is greatly increased. Quality, protection and innovation, all in one pack.


2. Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll – Best Soft Toilet Paper

Soft versus coarse. This seems to be the never-ending dispute with regards to toilet paper. One that Charmin Charmin Ultra Soft Mega RollUltra Soft Mega Roll seems to put an end to right here and right now. This non irritating toilet paper represents an evolution in that regard.

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll comes in 4 packs, each with 6 rolls, making for quite a handful of toilet paper. And quantity is not the only thing worth mentioning.

Because of the way it has been manufactured, Charmin Ultra Soft definitely exceeds expectations. It is superior in quality to most of the products on the market. Charmin Ultra Soft 2-ply toilet paper is probably one of the softest and most comfortable ever made.


3. Quilted Northern – Ultra Plus Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plus is probably one of the most popular bath tissues on the market. Defined by top Quilted Northern Ultra Plus Toilet Paperquality and innovation, the Northern Ultra Plus embodies 2 simple principles: effectiveness and luxury. Both being the result of the technology used in the manufacturing process.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plus is available in 24 Supreme roll packs, which is the equivalent of 92 regular single rolls. With regards to quality, things are even more impressive.

Being sold for over 100 years on the market, the Quilted Northern Ultra Pluss toilet paper is the epitome of what a top-quality bath tissue should look like. The softness, delicacy, smoothness and efficiency on display are unmatched by any other product in the same category.


4. Scott Rapid – Dissolving Toilet Paper

The Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet paper combines environmental-friendly features with superior quality in waysScott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper it hasn’t been done before. This bath tissue is septic-safe and it decomposes up to 4 times faster than normal, inferior products.

The fact is that it dissolves faster that means your toilet flushing system will disappear it effortlessly, which is always a welcoming feature. This makes it ideal for those owning septic systems or RVs, for instance. It is a family bath tissue, packing a lot of value.

It is also worth mentioning that the Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is 1-ply and not 2-ply. However, despite that, it is incredibly resistant to tear. Combined with the undisputable unique softness, this rapid-dissolving toilet paper makes for one outstanding piece. The Scott bath tissue is worth every single penny.


5. Georgia Pacific 1988001 – Professional Toilet Paper Professional Toilet Paper

Georgia Pacific Professional is one of the few finest toilet papers that is 100% compliant with the EPA standards with regards to recycled material usage. And it had to be, since this piece comprises of recycled paper which includes it in the user-friendly category.

With 550 sheets for each roll and a case of 80 rolls included, this is probably the best option in terms of quantity. Quality-wise, things are no different. The Georgia Pacific Professional is made for everyone, with only one thing recommending it: the outstanding quality.

The 2 plies make for an extremely resilient material, for an effective absorbent effect, without cutting down on smoothness. It is this incredibly effective formula that makes the Georgia Pacific the number one user choice nowadays.


6. Cottonelle Gentle Care – Best Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Soft, thick and absorbent. These are the 3 main qualities any respectable toilet paper needs to meet. And these Cottonelle GentleCare Toilet Paperare the precise 3 qualities that define Cottonelle GentleCare. Being dermatologically tested, Cottonelle does more than just being comfortable to use.

The pack you will be getting contains 48 high-quality rolls, for prolonged usage and a thorough, yet gentle cleaning. It is enriched with Aloe Vera for a nourishing effect, as well as a soft and gentle cleaning feel.

Comprising of a texture made out of an extra-absorbent material, Cottonelle GentleCare takes the notion of bath tissue to the next level. It is extra-soft, nourishing, comfortable and delicate and it will definitely brighten your day.


7. Seventh Generation Unbleached – Best Hypoallergenic Toilet PaperBest Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper

The perfect toilet paper needs to deliver a specific mix between delicacy and strength and not only that it also needs to be hypoallergenic and dyes-free, which is exactly your sensitive skin requires. And that is what this product brings into play.

In this context, the Seventh Generation Toilet Paper is the best choice for you. Not only that it is made out of unbleached recycled materials, but it is also safe to use for septic systems and ideal for your sensitive skin altogether.

From the superior material quality to the outstanding overall feeling, this product has it all – the perfect, complete family pack, perfectly designed for sensitive and soft skin.


8. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care – Most Comfortable Toilet Paper

Another Cottonelle product, another top-tier quality toilet product. The Ultra ComfortCare design speaks for itself. It is Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper3 times stronger, 3 times thicker and 3 times more absorbent than your regular toilet paper and it is all in its innovative design.

The pack contains 36 rolls, with 203 sheets per roll, and the quality is top-notch. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare features the innovative CleanRipple texture for extra cleaning, the environment-friendly material and the gentle, soft feel you are looking for. One important addition to your delicate and pretentious skin.

Both soft and strong at the same time, Cottonelle aims to set the standard in the industry of toilet paper. It combines work with pleasure in a formula that is as close to perfection as it gets.


9. Charmin Ultra – Strong Bath Tissue

The hint is in the name. The ultra-strong feature especially when wet, outweighs most of the reputed brands Charmin Ultra Strong Bath Tissuetoday. This makes up for one of the most well-designed bath tissues available and a real treat for sensitive, irritable skin.

Its strength and durability is only successfully matched by its sensitive feel and smoothness. This is delivering a soft feel that was never seen before– thanks to the soothing lotion all sheets are soaked in.

Charmin is a brand that delivers some of the most popular products on the market and Charmin Ultra Strong is no exception. Its high resistance, impeccable soothing effect and overall luxurious feel make for one superb piece. For an overall top-tier bath tissue, this is the way to go.

Another important thing is you can actually use these sensitive skin toilet papers both in traditional toilets and more advanced tankless toilets.


Buying Guide to the Best Toilet Papers for Sensitive Skin


Buying Guide of the Best Toilet Paper for sensitive Skin

The toilet paper for sensitive skin is mostly a subjective appreciation. Because, for the most part, people have different standards with regards to what they consider to be the best toilet paper for them.

However, some features are objectively desirable. So, although some might prefer slightly different types of toilet papers, we will only be focusing on the qualities that everybody should be looking for. And these are:

  • Unbleached toilet paper: It is also known as chlorine-free. Chlorine is not environmentally friendly, so you might want to avoid that altogether.
  • Multiple layers: Usually, you should go for 2-ply toilet paper, since it is more resistant and provides more protection.
  • The number of sheets: This is pretty much a no-brainer, because the more bath tissues you get for the same price, the better.
  • Strength and tear resistant: This usually comes with multiple layers being added to its construction, but not necessarily. Check for the material durability and quality, among other features.
  • Hypoallergenic material: You have to be very careful about what you choose, if you have a sensitive skin then you need to find the best toilet paper for allergies, as many products contain dies and artificial scents.

With these criteria in mind, you are bound to make a more educated and better choice.


Can You Be Allergic to Toilet Paper?


Unfortunately, yes, you can. Not only that but using the wrong toilet paper can actually aggravate some of your problems. If you already have irritated skin, you should be extra careful about choosing your bath tissues.

Depending on the toilet paper brand you are going for, the paper itself can contain: formaldehyde, phosphate, various perfumes and dyes and even peroxides or alcohol. All these are allergic to sensitive skins. Oh, yeah, these are only a few of them.

The best way to avoid all the skin problems is to resort to hypoallergenic toilet paper. This type usually contains only Aloe Vera for a deep, nourishing and soothing effect, without all the potentially hazardous aforementioned substances.

Instead of trying to find a remedy for your problems, avoid them altogether. Modern types of bath tissues are created specifically to prevent such skin problems from occurring. And you can use those after your bath in the best deep soaking tub. Always check the product label and inform yourself on the ingredients, as well as the effects they might deliver.


How to Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls



This might be an interesting idea to most people, but it is quite an ingenious one, as a matter of fact. Why through away your toilet paper rolls, when you can reinvent and recycle them in imaginative ways?

Aside from being environmentally friendly, you will also have the chance to let test your skills and creativity. Here are some useful ideas regarding toilet paper roll crafts:

  • Christmas decorations: In this regard, sky is the limit. The toilet roll can be painted, modified and decorated according to your desires with great ease.
  • Wall art: You would be amazed at how creative the results can be. Just pick a model of your choice and try to recreate it with the use of toilet rolls.
  • Lamp shades: Toilet rolls are the cheaper, homemade version of the more expensive lamp shades. With the same luxurious effect and twice the satisfaction.
  • Wind sock: These are perfect as courtyard decorations. Again, your creativity is the limit, so feel free to knock yourself out.

In essence, there is no limit to the ways you can reuse toilet rolls.


How to Fold Toilet Paper


How to fold toilet paper


Not many people think about how to fold their toilet paper. Yet, for a true esthetician, there is no such thing as a compromise. Folding your toilet paper can actually contribute to the aesthetics of your bathroom and can make quite an impression. Besides you can use rolled paper in your beautiful RV toilet as well.

And, yes, there is an actual science behind it, so let’s have a look at the options you have:

  • The triangle: This is by far the most common and simplest type of folding toilet paper. Used by most people, it is both simple and visually effective.
  • The diamond: Obviously, more pretentious, usually used in hotels and restaurants.
  • The pleat: This one is more difficult to achieve, requiring more work and attention to details. But the result is definitely worth it.
  • The basket: It is not as hard to accomplish as it sounds and, despite being rarer, it has a powerful visual punch.
  • The pleated tuck: This one relies on removing a sheet, folding it and using it as a decoration to an already existent diamond or basket fold.

Who said you can’t be inventive with your toilet paper?


Final Verdict


There are a lot of criteria by which to choose your toilet paper. Bath tissues come in various sizes, models and colors and with plenty of features. It is extremely important to choose that which suits you best.

One of the most important aspects is going for a toilet paper without chemicals. This will prevent skin irritations from occurring or protect already irritated skin against aggravations.

It is also important to have that soothing feel, along with the resistance and efficiency that every sensitive skin toilet paper needs to have. And, in terms of education, this review is a good starting point.

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