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Sometimes we just get biased to the fact that we don’t need to spend more money on tiny household things like toilet flapper or toilet fill valve. In true sense, this is not a wise option. If these tiny little things go broke we realize how important those are in our daily life.

It is, therefore, extremely important to choose quality above everything else. Finding the best toilet flapper might seem like an easy task.

There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration and one might get entangled in all the details. Fortunately, I am here to solve the puzzle for you. I hereby present you with some of the best products in the category.


Best Toilet Flapper 2018 Reviews


1. Fluidmaster 502P21 – Universal Flapper with Microban

The Fluidmaster 502P21 is the perfect replacement for your corroded and faulty flappers. It is extremely solid, Fluidmaster Universal Flapper with Microbanstylish and efficient and it combines simplicity with proficiency in an exhaustive formula.

The Performax design is made to fit all toilet models, no matter the size or shape. It is extremely easy to install, it solves most of the toilet problems and it even saves water usage. The fact that it eliminates leakage problems and it brings protection against corrosion and bacteria is another huge plus.

Fluidmaster is the epitome of grade ‘A’ toilet flappers and it definitely looks and feels like one. With a high user ranking and immense overall benefits, it has become so popular nowadays.


2. Next by Danco FLT231T – HydroStop Flapper

Coming with its own handle and with a rarely seen elegance and style, the new Danco model definitely makes itNext by Danco HydroStop Flapper big. It embodies the latest construction techniques and it puts efficiency above everything else.

Due to its advanced engineered design, Danco FLT231T fits with almost all toilet models. The S.T.O.P. technology allows the incorporated handle to immediately prevent overflows when needed. On top of that, the stainless steel cable ensures stability and durability, compared to regular flapper chains.

There are virtually little to no minuses to be mentioned. Danco excels in delivering peak quality and a stylized feel. And the S.T.O.P. innovative technology comes as the crown piece, bringing everything together. In short, it is the best quality toilet flapper money can buy.


3. Kohler GP85160 – Blue Flapper with Float

Simplicity and style. These are the 2 notions perfectly describing the Kohler GP85160 flapper. And with these 2 Kohler Blue Flapper with Floatnotions coming together, I believe it is safe to say this item is the finest toilet flapper on the market.

With a 2” size, mostly used in two-piece toilets, the Kohler flapper is compatible with a wide range of products. The composition material stands for durability, ensuring the product’s longevity and the overall design is artistic and effective. It is extremely easy to install and even easier to use.

With no visible minuses, the Kohler flapper shows great promise in this field. It embodies the best the industry has to offer in terms of quality and efficiency.


4. Korky 2003BP – Flapper Repair Kit

Corrosion and leakage. Two of the most common toilet problems in the world. Easy enough, the solution is Korky Flapper Repair Kitalready here. Its name is Korky 2003BP and it is quite an impressive one indeed.

This flapper is made out of chlorine resistant rubber of extreme hardness and composition quality. It is made to last and its resilience is just one of the qualities. This flapper can be successfully used to top leaks and replace corroded toilet flush valves.

Coming with a full installation kit, including the plastic flush valve seat, as well as the tube of silicone sealant, this piece hits all the right spots. It is one of the best toiler flappers available in the market.


5. Fluidmaster 5403 – 3 inch Universal Toilet Flapper

The name pretty much says it all. Fluidmaster is currently the best rated toilet flapper valve. Its design Fluidmaster 3-inch Universal Toilet Flappergives the impression of proficiency and material hardness, both 100% true in every detail. And that is not the only thing that impresses.

The design is universal, made to accommodate all toilet models. You can use this one even when you plan to use the modern bidet toilet seat. It is easy to install, leak-proof and highly effective in getting the job done. Also, it comes with a silicone seal made to last ten times more than that of classic toilet flappers. It is, in every way, an upgrade to previous standard models.

The top quality this piece meets can only be described by the 10-year warranty coming along with it. If nothing else, this is the most compelling statement regarding its proficiency and durability.


6. Kohler GP1078441 – Genuine Flapper for Two Piece Toilets

In true Kohler fashion, this piece comes with all the features you need. The simplicity of the design and the Kohler Genuine Flapper for Two-Piece Toiletsoverall material quality make for a stunning toilet flapper. The Kohler GP1078441 has been constructed according to the latest industry standards and it lives up to the expectations.

The 3 ¼” flapper is perfect for two-piece toilets. It is compatible with the Class Five technology, which stands for high optimization and modern adaptability. The material resistant to corrosion and bacteria is also another big plus on the list. The hard rubber makes it the best finest tank flapper.

Kohler nails it close to perfection. It is adaptable, strong and qualitative and it definitely surpasses a lot of other similar products. If you want to keep your toilet in peak condition, this is one way to do it.


7. Fluidmaster 400CRP14 – Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Kit

An optimized, solid toilet fill valve can keep your toilet running in peak conditions for longer periods of time. Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper KitThis is what the Fluidmaster fill valve accomplishes with ease.

With a universal design, made to fit most types of toilets, the Fluidmaster 400CRP14 is among the best of its kind. The flapper is made to fit 2” flush valves and the 400A fill valve are adjustable between 9” and 14”. The kit is leak-proof and constructed according to the latest standards in the industry.

With an innovative and effective design, anti-leakage features and solving the noise problem, Fluidmaster exceeds expectations. It is one of the most solid options on the market and the more advantageous, compared to the alternatives.


8. Korky 2021BP G-Max Flapper

If we consider durability as one of the most important qualities in toilet flappers, then Korky is the best Korky G-Max Flapperto buy. Its design optimization and impeccable material quality make it one of the most efficient items in this category.

The red rubber material is chlorine resistant and it is built to last. In addition, the universal design allows it to be compatible with a wide range of toilet models. Even more, the Korky G-Max Flapper is resistant to bacteria and city water treatment.

Pound for pound, this piece is a great toilet flapper for hard water. It aims at raising the quality standard for the rest of the products and it does so in impeccable fashion. For a plus of quality, this is the go-to model for your toilet.


Buying Guide for Best Toilet Flappers


Buying the best toilet flapper may seem like a drag for most people. We are talking about a small, almost irrelevant piece, most of us take for granted. But a good, high-quality toilet flapper can make all the difference in the world. For instance, if you have a good toilet flapper the dissolving toilet paper won’t get clogged while flushing.

It would be ideal to purchase the right one right from the beginning. But, regardless whether you are at your first purchase or not, you need to know what to look for. And several criteria stand out as the most important:

  • Material durability – The stronger and more qualitative the material is, the longer the lifespan of your flappers
  • Special features – Here, I am referring to things like anti-leakage mechanism, anti-corrosive material and antiseptic properties
  • Easy to install – Nobody has time to try and figure out how to install a toilet flapper
  • Modern design – Although not as important, it is a feature to keep in mind nonetheless

What I am trying to point out here is that toilet flappers are more important than the majority of consumers tend to think. They play a crucial role in maintaining your toilet functionality. And if you want to change yours, make sure you have your eyes on a grade ‘A’ one.


What Causes the Toilet Flapper to Stay Open?


In most of the cases, toilet flappers will function just as intended. However, problems may hit you every now and then. It may not close all the way, or maybe it won’t close at all.

This is probably the most common cause for toilet dysfunctionality – the toilet flappers malfunctioning. And, although we are talking about such a small and apparently insignificant piece, the outcome can be quite annoying including a higher bill for water expenditure. And this problem can’t be solved even with the best waxfree toilet seal.

But what causes the flappers to stay open? And what can you do about it?

More often than not, the problem is with the adjustment. Flappers are adjustable and setting them for the wrong value can cause problems. So, the best way to solve the problem is to readjust the flapper, if needed.

Another reason may be the fact that the flapper is either broken or loosen up. In both of these cases, you need to acquire a new one. Flappers are inexpensive pieces of equipment, but as you can see, their impact is quite worthy of mentioning. Simply replace your flapper and bring your toilet in its impeccable shape one again.

How to Replace Your Toilet Flapper



Replacing the toilet flapper is not such a routine job to do because flappers don’t usually break too often. But one that has to be done when the time comes.

And, despite the installation process being fairly easy, it doesn’t hurt to write it down here for posterity:

  • Cut the water to the toilet – You can do that by using the valve that delivers water to the tank. It is usually located on the wall, right beneath it.
  • Remove the failing flapper – It should have a clip so that you can undue and release the piece.
  • Put the next one in place – It should be easy to mount, as all you will be doing is reverse the procedure you applied when eliminating the old one.
  • Turn back the water stream – After the tank is connected to the water stream once again, flush your toilet several times and make sure there are no leaks.

As you can see, nothing too fancy about it. It should take you no more than 5 minutes.


How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Flapper


Fixing your toilet flapper is embarrassingly easy. The real problem is figuring out what the fault is. There are, overall, 2 main causes for your flapper to leak:

  • The wrong model of flapper being used, which can translate into uneven matching or straight out incompatibility
  • Corrosion, causing the flapper to either crack, break completely or develop jaded margins

So, in these cases, what is the fix? Just like I said, pretty easy – just replace your toilet flapper altogether. Don’t even bother looking for other solutions. Toilet flappers are affordable and a good piece can cover all your problems in an instant.


Final Verdict


Most toilet flappers have five or even ten years guarantee and the more modern models are incredibly resilient. Just follow my guide and look for the best piece that fits your needs and you should be good to go.

With so many options to your disposal, finding and getting the right toilet flapper should be a piece of cake.

There are a lot of toilet flappers on the market nowadays. But, in most cases, it is difficult to realize the key differences between them. And knowing which is better ultimately translates in you saving a lot of money and time.

Toilets don’t break or malfunction too often, but when they do it is likely because of the poor-quality flappers. Save yourself the trouble and get the best toilet flapper money can buy. Take my review as a guide and you should have a pretty solid starting point.

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