Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher – Reviews and Buying Guide

We have all had enough with clogged bathtub drains. It is something we cannot avoid and that will cause us plenty of headaches along the way. This is why it is imperative to own the best shower drain hair catcher you can get your hands on.

Shower drains will usually get clogged pretty fast, no matter how careful you’d be and unclogging them is anything but easy. In this context, hair is your most rapacious enemy.

And how do you deal with enemies? You start a war against them. Well, don’t start yet because in this article you will get the best drain hair catchers that will give you the upper-hand in the matter.


Top Shower Drain Hair Catchers Compared


ImageNameDimension (inches)Special FeaturePrice
TubShroom revolutionary2.2 x 2.2 x 2.0fits inside to neatly collect hair around it
OXO Good Grips4.5 x 4.5 x 2.0adjust on both flat and pop-up drains
LEKEYE Silicone4.8 x 4.8 x 0.4rust-proof stainless steel is easy to clean
Danco Universal4.5 x 1.0 x 1.0Unique pegs catch hair before heading down the drain


Just Read this review carefully, know which features to look for and which to avoid and make the best decision for you.


Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher 2018 Reviews


1. TubShroom – tub drain protector hair catchertub drain protector hair catcher

This piece shows how you can effectively mix simplicity with complexity and efficiency in one basic tool. TubShroom is both deceptively simple and amazingly technologically advanced, allowing you to fix your problems on the spot, with minimum effort.

Compared to other products in the same category, this one is meant to go inside the drain, rather than on the outside. On one hand, this allows for a more hygienic environment, where the hair is not trapped on the outside, on the other everything is out of sight. Which gives the appearance of a clean and best bathtub.

On top of all that, the design of this piece is one of the most effective on the market, which makes this product one of the best in its category.


2. Danco 10306 – flower drain hair catcherflower drain hair catcher

Who said catchers can’t be effective and pretty at the same time? This one easily accomplishes both features, thanks to its innovative and handsome design.

Danco is made out of flexible, high-quality PVC and it is extremely easy to use, with just a simple push needed to put it in its place. It fits most bathtubs, it comes with anti-bacterial properties and fits perfectly with your mildew resistant shower curtain. The finger-lift mechanism allows you to easily take it out when it’s time to clean it.

This is a necessity in every bathroom, there is no doubt about it. And, if you have to buy one, why not get the one that suits your needs perfectly? One like Danco.


3. OXO – hair catcher for pop up drainhair catcher for pop up drain

With a classic look and a modern efficiency and innovation power, OXO is what an effective, state of the art hair catcher is supposed to look like. Everything from its simplistic and sleek design, to its steady, strong construction suggests this is one piece that is set to impress.

Never will you find a catcher so sturdy and compact. The stainless steel and silicone material ensures the long-term durability, while its modern, dome-shaped design cuts no corners in terms of efficiency. It is a compact, strong and proficient drain protector with literally no minutes, but with plenty of plusses.

When it comes to hair catchers, nothing matters more than results and this product delivers the best you could expect.


4. LEKEYE – hair trap for shower trayhair trap for shower tray

In your quest for the finest catcher, you will stumble across LEKEYE. This one is a mix of simple design, combined with peak performance, sturdiness and durability – a formula rarer than you would think.

The stainless steel structure makes it perfect for long-term usage, while the elliptical, polished mini-holes are designed to catch every tiny hair that tries to go through. This piece comes with a silicone edge, allowing for an easy, compact mount and it is easier to clean and use at the same time.

With regards to hair catchers, “quality” is a term that embodies several different aspects, including looks, efficiency and durability. This product meets them all, making it one of the best the market has to offer.


5. OXO – stainless steel shower trapstainless steel shower trap

Another OXO trademark product, another example of what peak performance looks like. This is what you need if you are looking to get the best out of your showering experiences. It is one product that manages to impress and the reasons are more than one.

The round stainless steel piece is enforced with silicone margins, allowing it a perfect and steady fit within the opening of the drain. Thanks to its efficient design, the results are guaranteed, as no string of hair will be able to pass its guard.

All, in all, you can’t cut corners when it comes to maintaining your bathtub drainage in good order. If you want to avoid long-term clogging problems, then this is exactly what you need.


6. Good living – self sealing shower hair catcherself-sealing hair catcher

The name is pretty suggestive. This product is set to increase the quality of both your baths and your life in general. No more clogged drains and no more struggling to remove the hair stuck in the holes. Or, even worse, stuck inside the drainage pipe.

This piece catches everything on its way into the draining pipe and it can fit most shower drains, adult bathtub, baby bathtub for newborn or even sinks with the same ease. The finger-lift mechanism is easy to use and the piece is equally easy to clean and maintain.

There is no shortcut to excellence. You need a strong combination of crafting mastery and impressive visuals and Good Living hits both of them spot-on. And if it is excellence you seek, this is what you need.


7. MIBOW – shower drain cover for hairshower drain cover for hair

Drain covers are a necessity in every household and you can only claim otherwise if you have never taken a shower. Like, ever. Other than that, you pretty much know how important it is to have a professional piece.

And here you have probably one of the best hair catchers, whose effectiveness cannot be easily argued against. The design is as simple as they come, but don’t let that fool you because in no way it speaks the truth about its functionality. Because, indeed, MIBOW is as effective as they come.

Everything from the silicon edge to the stainless steel construction and the smart, efficient design speaks about the quality of the piece. Definitely a must-have.


8. OXO – bathtub drain protectorbathtub drain protector

This is the third piece in the OXO installment that manages to raise itself to the highest standards in the industry. Everything about this one is top class, starting with its looks and ending with its construction and the technology behind it.

What we have here is utility, durability, adaptability and innovation, everything mixed up together in one simple, yet effective product. The stainless steel construction, along with the deceptively simple design is worth all the praise this piece is getting.

If you are looking for something that will stop all hair from entering the drain, while also being easy to clean and good-looking, this is your solution. If you are looking for peak performance, this is among your only options.


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Buying Guide to Shower Drain Hair Catcher


Dealing with clogged drains is not something we plan on doing during our spare time. Yet, whether we like it or not, we have to. So why not make everything easier for us and get a catcher to do all the hard work for us? The standard shower drain hair catcher has to have certain characteristics in order to appeal to all of your needs.

So, if you plan on buying one, here is what you should keep an eye out for:

  • Material composition – You are looking for stainless steel products, ensuring durability and sturdiness.
  • Efficient design – Your hair catcher needs to seal the drain completely and maintain its position with maximum efficiency.
  • Easy to remove, easy to clean – Some hair catchers are rather hard to remove and are usually difficult to clean, so this might be something to keep in mind.
  • Adaptability – You want something that can fit most drainage openings, in case you intend to buy a new bathtub or another sink in the near future.

There may be other criteria as well, but these 4 points are essential when looking for the best piece money can buy. You can’t go wrong even if you follow these ones alone.


How to Unclog a Shower Drain – With or Without a Hair Catcher



So, despite all of your precautions, your shower drain gets clogged either way. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The hair catcher doesn’t fit properly in the drain location
  • The drainage holes are too large
  • The hair catcher breaks or cracks, allowing for sediments to go through etc.

So, in case the inevitable has happened, what is there to be done? Is there a way for you to solve the problem single-handedly, without resorting to a specialized plumber? Sure there is. There are several ways, as a matter of fact, like:

  • Boiling water – Mostly effective against dirt and similar sediments, as well as moderately effective against hair deposits.
  • Chemical usage – Depending on the severity of the clogging, you can use chemicals to dissolve hair and dirt deposits with relative ease.
  • Soda and vinegar – A rather popular method that could be easily included in the “chemical” category.
  • The hook – This is particularly effective in the case of hair deposits

Whatever the case may be, having the best drain catcher at your disposal will definitely mitigate a lot of these problems.


How to Install a Shower Drain With a Hair Catcher


So, you have decided that you absolutely need to renovate your bathtub. After the plumber has done all the hard work for you, it is time for you to take on the little details. Like installing a shower drain, along with the additional hair catcher.

Needless to say, before installing this item you need to make sure that the piece you got is top-notch. By this, I mean the quality of the material, the design, its efficiency and so on. With that out of the way, here are the steps you need to follow for a quick and easy installation:

  • Unscrew and remove your old drain cover
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of the drainage
  • Insert the new hair catcher or drain protector (in the case of the interior ones), or place them on top of the drain (in case of the exterior ones)
  • Screw them into place and make sure they fit perfectly

There is actually nothing too difficult to deal with, you just have to know the basics. Otherwise, you can always go for professional assistance to get the job done for you.




The best shower drain hair catcher will work wonders for your bathtub drain in the long run. No more clogging means worry-free baths and an overall easier lifestyle. Because a clogged drain could potentially mean hours and hours of work, especially when the situation gets worse than you would like.

This is why it is important to look for the best pieces in this category.  Efficiency and quality are important even when talking about the tiniest pieces of a household, those we didn’t think are too important to start with.

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