Best Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner – Tested and Reviewed

Why is it important to have the best mildew resistant shower curtain liner? We know we need to have top notch toilets, high-tech shower heads, efficient shower drain hair catchers and so on. But curtain liners? Does their quality matters so much?

Yes, it does. Aside from offering you a bit more privacy, they also keep the bathroom cleaner by preventing water splashing all over the place when showering. You can’t have a modern bathroom without getting a proper curtain liner along with it. And, obviously, there are crucial differences between good and bad products. Today I will present you with the best in the category.


Best Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner – Reviews


1. LiBa – mold resistant shower curtain linermold resistant shower curtain liner

Simple and effective, the curtain liner from LiBa can be considered as one of the few invisible shower curtains on the market. Due to its coloring and the simplistic design, it tends to blend perfectly with a white bathroom environment.

Obviously, that’s just one of the benefits. Others include: eco-friendly, chlorine-free material, fits all standard showers, anti-bacterial and mildew resistant properties, easy to clean. These are the main reasons that make this piece one of the most popular currently on the market.

There is no fun in dealing with mold and water splattered all over the walls. And, if you are to get one, why not go for top quality?


2. Epica – thick shower curtain liner

extra long shower curtain

Apparently, the term “strongest” is no exaggeration. This Epica trademark product is probably the most resilient, durable and the strongest piece you could get your hands on. It currently ranks among the top user preferences worldwide and for good reasons.

The material has been treated against bacteria and mold growth and is guaranteed to provide 100% protection for as much as 15 months. The vinyl drapes are reinforced with nylon and come with rust-proof metal framing. On top of that, it is the nylon mesh header that delivers the staggering strength unmatched by other similar products.

This piece combines the shining, transparent looks with an impeccable construction, making it one of the best options on the market.


3. LiBa – water resistant shower curtainwater resistant shower curtain

LiBa keeps every aspect of a shower curtain liner in mind while manufacturing this piece. Starting from looks & design to durability & mold resistance, you will get everything in this one single piece. Top quality materials are used during the entire manufacturing process.

This piece is eco-friendly, doesn’t contain chlorine or PVC in its construction and it has weighing magnets to keep it in place at all times. It fits most of the showers, it is strong, hygienic and high-quality and it comes in a wide palette of colors that is sure to please. All in all, one of the top currently on sale.

It is also a great plus that it doesn’t have chemical odors attached to it. And with so many plusses, not buying it would be a clear loss.


4. Utopia Bedding – heavy duty shower curtain linerheavy duty shower curtain liner

There has to be a reason why this product is one of the most popular ones in its category, right? Actually, there are several reasons: mildew resistant, reinforced with nylon mesh header for extra-strength, waterproof and good-looking. This curtain is hygienic as well.

One of the major plusses is that it can be used as both a standalone shower curtain and a liner in case you need it. Being anti-bacterial and mildew resistant means it will provide you with a sanitized environment and the durability of the material means it will remain resistant to ripping for longer.

If your shower or standalone bathtub needs a curtain liner, then this is what you need. There are few such products that deliver good looks and quality on all planes like this one does.


5. Amazer – waterproof and odorless bathroom shower linerswaterproof and odorless bathroom shower liners

There are few cases where visuals play an important role in determining a shower curtain’s likeness. And, in this case, they do. Simply put, this piece is gorgeous. Subtle and strong at the same time and with plenty of other qualities to make your day even better.

This shower curtain liner is completely non-toxic, odorless, and it has a slick, water repellent surface. Combine that with the weighted bottom and the tear-resistant material and you will understand what makes this one so good.

In all likelihood, you won’t find a better contender for the title of the best shower curtain in 2018. If you do, let me know so I can buy it.


6. Kimberly-Carr Home Designs – mildew resistant polyester shower curtainmildew resistant polyester shower curtain

This piece is being advertised as hotel-quality-grade and there are reasons behind it. It is classy, good looking and efficient and it doesn’t take much to spot its outstanding potential. Another great asset is its material of construction and, I have to say, this alone makes for quite an impressive feature.

We are talking about polyester instead of vinyl or plastic, which means 2 things: non-toxic, odorless material and machine washable. How many shower curtains are machine washable? Exactly. Aside from that, we have the usual – water repellent, anti-bacterial and mildew resistance.

This right here is among the few shower curtains that combine looks and applicability and that cuts no corners on either of them. It is definitely worthy of its hotel-grade classification.


7. Inter Design – extra long shower curtainanti mold shower curtain liner

The best shower curtain liner can mean different things to different people in terms of properties. But one thing is for certain – there are some must-have characteristics. Including ones like: strength, durability, versatility and style.

This piece is extra-long, the installation is as simple as you get and everything about it speaks quality and versatility. Also, if you are not the adept of transparent shower curtains, this one is for you. It comes in a wide variety of colors and by wide, I really mean wide, with nuances that will satisfy even the most pretentious tastes.

So, if are looking for the top shower curtain money can buy, this right here is the jackpot.


8. Wimaha – anti bacterial shower curtain lineranti bacterial shower curtain liner

We get it, everybody is looking for efficiency and results. But what if you could also get that and breathtaking design at the same time? Fortunately for you, this piece is probably the most beautifully designed one you will ever get to see.

The quality of the material is close to pristine, lacking chemical odors and with anti-bacterial properties present. The fact that it contains no chlorine and that it keeps mildew away. But its charm definitely lies in the pearled, exotic design, making for a unique, breathtaking impression. It literally gives the impression of showering in the middle of a torrential rain.

From top to bottom, this piece is definitely worth it and will make a fine addition to your bathroom.


9. Creatov design – eco friendly shower curtainmildew resistant fabric shower curtain

This piece is proof that classic can meet the modern in an incredibly effective visual mix that works just great. On top of that, you have the top efficient qualities to complete its profile as well. And those are some high-stake features, you can be sure of that.

Aside from being 100% waterproof, this product is also mildew resistant, and safe for people with sensitive skin due to its impeccable material quality. Its classic look mixes with its modern construction to make for one of the best shower curtains you can get your hands on.

If all your shower enclosure needs to become complete you simply can’t go wrong with this one. It has every feature you need and the design to go with them.


10. Feagar – semi transparent shower curtain linersemi transparent shower curtain liner

We are ending this list with one of the most impressive products in this category. Never has a shower curtain liner looked so beautiful and intriguing. Literally, its looks alone could convince you to purchase it, no doubts about it.

Whether you go for the 3D pebbles design, or you would rather prefer some snowflakes in exchange, now you have the opportunity to do so. The variety of designs, combined with the wide range of colors make for quite a powerful impression. On top of that, you have an eco-friendly, strong material, with anti-bacterial properties to make everything better.

We are talking about peak performance and unique, ravishing looks. All in all, this piece is the epitome of quality and innovation.


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Buying Guide for Mold & Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner


If you don’t have a shower curtain already, it’s time to get one as we speak. It will solve the problem with the water splashing the walls and the rest of the bathroom and I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t want that. But what makes for the shower curtain liner best?

What are the features you need to keep an eye out for? In this sense, here are some you might find relevant:

  • Anti-bacterial – It is the first thing you need when talking about shower curtains, which are bound to linger in moist environments.
  • Mildew and mold resistant – For the exact same reasons.
  • Strong, qualitative material – Naturally, you need something that will hold on for years to come.
  • Waterproof – A shower curtain that doesn’t hold water is one that will have a longer lifespan.
  • Appealing design – It doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful shower curtain, that fits the surrounding bathroom design, does it?

With these in mind, you should have no problem with getting the perfect piece for your needs.


How to Prevent Mildew on A Shower Curtain Liner


I know what you’re thinking. Mildew resistant shower curtains will solve that problem instantaneously, right? Not quite. You see, they are only mildew resistant for a while and not all of them are equally effective in this regard.

With that out of the way, there are some things you can do to ensure your shower curtain will remain mildew resistant for longer. For instance:

  • Go for smoothness – Choose shower curtains whose material design doesn’t allow water accumulation in the fabric.
  • Ventilate your bathroom regularly – This will cause the water to dry out faster.
  • Manually dry your shower curtain – In case the material is not as waterproof as it should be.
  • Treat it with a specialized solution – We are talking about one that will prevent mildew from appearing in the first place.

With these in place, you should have no problems of the sort in the long run. But, just to make sure you are secured against mildew, as well as any other problems, make sure to purchase a mildew resistant shower curtain in the first place.


How to Clean A Shower Curtain Liner


Most people don’t think they need to clean their shower curtain liners. They think that, because of the fact that they are regularly splattered with water during bath time, they self-clean. Which is obviously wrong!

If anything, being constantly humid could cause mold and bacterial growth to take place, especially for lesser qualitative pieces. In order to prevent that, you need to clean them regularly, using various methods, depending on your needs and possibilities.

With that in mind, there are 2 ways to clean your shower curtains:

  • By washing machine
  • By hand

Obviously, the washing machine is ideal to resort to the first option, because everything is automatic. You don’t have to do much. And you can add some disinfectant to go along with it, ideally a vinegar solution, for instance.

If your shower curtain cannot be washed by machine, you’ll have to do it manually. This means that you need to get either a homemade solution or a professional one and scrub the curtain manually.

Either way, you need to make sure you use specific cleaning solutions in order to disinfect and protect the curtain against mold, mildew or bacterial growth in the long run.


Final Thought


The quality shower curtain liner comes with a lot of useful features you might need. And you definitely need them. Aside from keeping your bathroom cleaner, they will provide you with a more sanitized environment as well.

So, now that you know, all you have left to do is to get the piece you need. Just go for quality, keep your shower curtain in good condition and your lifestyle will be dramatically changed for the better.

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