American Standard Evolution Deep Soak Bathing Pool

This is where the evolution begins

I have to say it – The “Evolution deep soaking tub” label says it all. It is, by all means, the next step in redefining the bathtub water immersion.

Was it the time for an upgrade? Yes, yes it was, and the upgrade came in the form of the new version of American Standard Evolution bathtub. Forget about struggling to fit your body under the shallow water of the previous models. It is time for full immersion now.

And this is not the only change that you need to keep in mind. This version of American Standard comes with several other benefits that will make you wonder: “How come I didn’t see this coming?”



What is all this fuss about?

The American Standard brand is definitely being recognized as an evolving brand and a successful one at that. The products it delivers are top-notch and it is not any different with American Standard Evolution Deep Soak Bathing Pool either.

This is one piece set to redefine what bathing is all about. The times when we simply bathed for cleansing purposes are long gone. The demand for luxury, appealing design and increase in comfort and pleasure is increasing and it is a perfectly natural and justified trend.

It is about evolution.


Crucial Features

Epic immersion capabilities

The staggering 18” difference between the floor of the bathing well and the water escape orifice is quite something to behold. It is an awesome 3”deeper or more than other models, which are also, paradoxically more expensive.

Having 18” at your disposal makes for an amazing experience, hence the name “Deep Soak Bathing Pool”, and it guarantees the same intense immersion pleasure you get by attending to an actual pool.

The A+ material composition

The American Standard Evolution bathtub is made of acrylic and it is reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength and durability. Fiberglass is being used more often for these purposes, thanks to its reliability and adaptability.

Armrests molded into the inner walls

Do you know that feeling of not knowing where to you your hands, while in water? You either immerse them completely or struggle to keep them hanging over the bathtub’s margins. Whatever the case, it is annoying and mood-breaking.

This bathtub, however, has dual molded-in armrests, designed to make you feel like you are bathing in your armchair. It increases the relaxation level you are experiencing and it makes you reluctant to end the bathing session.

Backrest support for improved comfort

It goes extremely well with the armrests and will allow you to experience the true relaxation and disconnection. Not all the classic models have this feature, causing you to often slip on the bathing well floor.

The backrest, along with the armrests, prevents that from happening and allows you to enjoy the full experience of the Deep Soak Bathing Pool.

Simple, yet adaptable design

What do I mean by adaptable? It means it can be used successfully in any type of setting and it fits great with any bathroom style you would choose. The Arctic White is universal in relation to adjusting the bathtub’s color to the style of the bathroom.

You can virtually combine it with any style, without making it look out of place.


Summing up the Pros and Cons

What you get:

  • The ability to immerse deeper under water than most similar models.
  • The greater comfort, coming from the arm and backrests.
  • The fiberglass reinforcement for extra durability.
  • A pre-leveled tub bottom.
  • The Deep Soak Max Drain option


What it lacks:

  • I believe I am speaking for a lot of people when I say that it should have been a bit lengthier and maybe a bit roomier.

Other than that, the cons really stop there, because the American Standard Evolution bathtub does not lack much and it definitely stands out as a must-have for the majority of the people.


Clarifying some aspects

Q: What is the Deep Soak Max Drain?

It is a top-mount overflow which will allow the level of water in the bathing well to increase by 3”. You need to buy it separately, but it is definitely worth it.

Q: Can I fit the American Standard Evolution deep soaking wherever I want?

Due to its reduced sizes of 64.5 x 35 x 24.2 inches, you can pretty much put it anywhere you like.

Q: Is it made for absolutely anyone?

Unfortunately, no. Oversized individuals will have a hard time coping with the medium sizes of the American Standard Evoluiton bathtub. So, if you are severely overweight, or extremely tall, you might want to look for something else.

Q: How well-built is it?

Because it is part of the Evolution Collection, this piece is designed with 3 goals in mind: efficiency, durability and long term comfort.

Q: Is it cheaper than other bathtubs?

You will some American Standard Evolution bathtubs which is cheaper than other bathtubs, without losing points in quality. It holds, by all means, a great price-quality ratio.

Q: Are the armrests, as well as the backrest, comfortable enough?

The great level of comfort provided by both the backrest and the armrests is unquestionable.


Final thoughts

This bathtub is definitely worth a buy. It is part of the next-gen deep soak bathing pools and it promises to become a major brand in the near future. What is more important is that models like American Standard deep soaking bath pool are already replacing the classic iron tubs and even the new models, because of the numerous benefits they bring.

Yes, I would buy it and I would advise anyone looking for a professional bathtub to do it as well. This is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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