American Standard Cambridge Bathtub

What we are talking about here is American style bathing. There is no other way to put it. And by “American” we mean style, efficiency and good times. This best bathtub was made with the user in mind and it is virtually the American counter-measure to the heavy and complicated iron tubs.

It is, mostly, the bathtub of choice if you are a fan of those long, steamy and satisfying bath sessions, meant to soak your body and relax the mind. And this works absolutely great with the American Standard, Model 2461.002.020, which combines the solid and classy design with that Uncle Sam feel you will not easily forget.



Breaking Down the Essentials: Key Features

This is where we break down the assets and we actually have quite a few to play with. So let’s get straight to the point:

The slip resistant surface

We are grateful for this one, because you can’t but hate the feeling of having your feet sliding in the tub like you were on the ice. The slip resistant surface solves that problems and makes sure you will feel safe and able to maintain your position even when leaning backward in the tub. You need not bother to purchase any additional slip resistant mat for this tub.

The full immersion experience

Why do I mention this? After all, there are plenty of other bathtubs that will provide you with near or completely full immersion experience. Well, to be honest, it is the price-benefits ratio that hits the jackpot. The fact that American Standard 2461.002.020 is half the price of more pretentious pieces, but offers basically the same bathing experience is priceless. We will take that all day, every day.

Also, due to the slight inclination of the bathtub floor, there is no residue water accumulating at the bottom. Here is a big plus.

Integral apron design

What this means is that the apron front side of the tub makes the installation process easier, as well as contributing to enriching the design of the piece.

The Americast building material shines under the porcelain finish

This is an artsy touch you will definitely appreciate. Due to the porcelain finishes, the American Standard Cambridge Bathtub will bring that sparkly and classy feel to your bathroom, for an absolutely uplifting experience.

Those claiming that the design finishes do not really matter that much have never had an American Standard Cambridge Bathtub before.


The Manufacturing Advantages

Okay, so here is the deal. This is the part where the overall innovation comes in. The American Standard Cambridge Bathtub has been created as an alternative to the clumsier, heavier and more expensive iron tubs, eliminating the downsides, but without cutting on the benefits.

When compared to the classical iron tubs, this piece definitely stands out at delivering improved services. Such as:

  • It is 50% lighter, making it easier to install.
  • A lot more durable on the long run.
  • The installation costs are lower because the entire process is easier and faster.
  • Because of the innovative manufacturing process, the bathtub can deliver greater immersion and it is overall roomier.
  • The same improved manufacturing process allows for this bathtub to cost less than any pretentious iron tub.


How does it feel?

Obviously, what could be more important than that? When buying your next-gen bathtub, you want to make sure it is an investment worthwhile, because a great quality piece will actually redefine your bathing time. And you might want to consider this as a lifetime investment.

Taking these aspects into consideration, how exactly does it feel to bathe in the American Standard Cambridge Bathtub? The manufacturer himself provides us with the answers:

Slip-resistant bathing well

Because the bathing well is slip-resistant, you won’t have to worry about not being able to maintain your position when comfortably adopting a leaned-back stance.You know how you tend to slip under the water with classical iron tubs, lacking this important feature? Well, not anymore.

Back support, combined with a user-friendly headrest

Yep, you got that right. You have a lumbar support and a friendly, beveled headrest, carved into the bathtub’s design. This is one feature you will fall in love with, guaranteed.

The residual water drains completely

This feature will spare you the time you take to clean the playground afterward. Comes really in handy.

The porcelain maintains the water temperature

It is a key feature if you are planning to extend your bathing experience as much as you can. It is with the porcelain’s capability to maintain the temperature where the real fun begins.

And what is more important is that this feature is more effective with the American Standard Cambridge Bathtub, than it is with the classic iron tubs.

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Would I buy it and why?

Objectively speaking, not only that the American Standard Cambridge Bathtub lives up to the expectations, but goes beyond them. This is a genuine American brand, focused on quality, innovation and adaptability.

The model has been created and improved with the consumer in mind and the quality of the end product speaks for itself.


How do I find the price-quality ratio?

There is no question about it, the price is excellent when compared with what it delivers. And just so we make things straight:



  • afe thanks to the slip-proof bathing well.
  • Deeper immersion capability than other, more expensive models.
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Lighter and more durable than most of the classic models
  • Stylized design
  • Lumbar and head support



  • Could have been a bit lengthier

I honestly could not find more cons to it.As it sits, this appears to be a great acquisition.


Final Notes

It is definitely worth a buy. This could be your final bathtub purchase, especially when weighing all the benefits it comes with. If you are sick with expensive products, which do not seem to live up to the expectations, then this is your go-to alternative.

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