American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub

Taking a bath should be more than just a routine. It should be part of your quality time and this means you need to upgrade your tools and get yourself an American Standard freestanding bathtub.



Why this one in particular? Because this piece embodies all the features you could possibly need and it basically turns your bathing time into an experience you will fall in love with. So let’s get straight to the heart of it and detail everything that makes this tub the best deep soaking tub.


The Pluses and Minuses

This is what I love:

Smooth and comfortable design

Aside from the fact that it looks modern and classy, it also feels the same way. It has an acrylic-capped coated ABS, reinforced with fiberglass for extra durability and for overall increased composition stability. The design also provides the maximum of comfort you could ask for, guaranteeing for relaxing and smooth baths.

Storage deck fit for every needs

The accessory storage deck is wide enough to accommodate all of your needs, which is not something you always see with most of the bathtubs. In fact, given that this one provides you with such a roomy deck is a major plus. It is so important that some people buy it just for that feature alone.

The deeper soaking feature

Okay, so you know how some, if not most, of the bathtubs have the overflow system way too low? You are trying to immerse yourself in the bathing well and the level of the water just won’t grow, because of the low-point overflow system.

We have all been there and it is probably more annoying than anything else. Fortunately, the American Standard bathtub solves that problem by significantly elevating the overflow point above the bathing well level. So much so, that the water level will grow by 2 to 4 inches, as compared to other systems.

The freestanding install option, plus the tub kit

That’s right, you have that too. The tub kit is an incorporated system allowing you to alternate the long, relaxing and immersing baths with swift showers, perfect for the on-the-run situations.

It has its own hand spray and drain, making the life that much easier for you. It also features the freestanding installation option, meaning that there is no pre-established location for you to install the tub. Wherever you can, that is the right spot.

You don’t need an expert to install it

This is definitely a huge plus for most of the users. It is extremely annoying to purchase something like a bathtub and then wait for the experts to arrive and install it for you. It usually costs you more money and you will lose a lot of time along the way.

The American Standard tub solves that problem with ease, by providing you with an Installation Manual and a Specification Sheet. The most important and interesting aspect is that you can actually download these manuals even before purchasing the product. The installation process is smooth and simple and you do not need any type of expertise to see it through.

Lifetime Warranty

Yes, you heard that right, you have a lifetime warranty on the American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub.

What exactly does that imply? It implies that the manufacturer vows for the quality of the product, by providing you with free in-home technical assistance for a lifetime. You do not even need to carry the product into a service shop, because the service shop will come to you.

Here is one way to stand for the quality of the products you are delivering. That is definitely a highly appreciated feature of this American Standard bathtub.


This is what I wish it had:.

More room, please!

I guess I would have liked for this tub to be roomier. It would have been nice to have a model fit for 2. Never know when that feature could come in handy.

Heating Unit mounting option

It is a bit difficult to mount a heating unit, in case you need one. In order to do that, you need to drill, for the heating unit’s piping to fit in. It would have been great if there was a way around that.

Interesting Read: You can even use LED shower head with this freestanding bathtub.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the actual sizes?

The bottom length is 47-1/4″ x 20-1/2″ and the Rim length is 56-1/4″ x 23-1/4″. The drain size is 1.5″, a standard dimension for a lot of models.

 Can I change the freestanding tub faucet?

Absolutely. If you feel like you need a different model or you simply do not like the standard one, you can purchase your own and replace the default one.

Do I have to level the position of the tub?

Fortunately, you won’t have to. The American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub has no legs, but instead it comes flat to the floor. This means that you will have virtually no problems with the leveling.

Is it insulated?

No, but it makes no difference. This tub actually preserves the temperature of the water better than an iron tub.



Bottom line – Should you buy it or not?

Let me start with the actual answer – Yes. At least I would and for several reasons.

  • It is cheaper than other items, belonging to the same category, without falling short in quality specs.
  • It has a lifetime warranty and free professional assistance.
  • It is extremely user friendly.
  • It has a malleable design, meaning it goes well with both classic and modern interior settings.
  • It certainly stands up to its promises.

What you need is efficiency. There is no two ways about it. This American Standard tub definitely delivers it. You can get more information on this website.


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