American Standard 2467.016.020 – Cadet Toilet

Where the classic meets the modern.

When a highly-functional, modern toilet manages to instill a feeling of nostalgia and admiration, you know you have stumbled across something special. This is where the American Cadet Toilet starts writing history. The mix between the classic look and the 21st century top features and performance makes for one special piece.

You would prefer a toilet that delivers an impressive design above everything else? Or perhaps one that is defined by top efficiency instead? Whatever your choice would be, this piece is the right answer in both cases.

But does it live up to the scrutiny? Can this toilet make its way to the top, among the best of the best? There is one way to find out.


What are the main assets?


A good, efficient, optimized modern toilet needs to possess specific features if we are to include it in the top of the most desirable pieces on the market. Does it live up to the expectations? Let’s analyze that.

1. Classic, chic design

I have started by pointing out the looks because it is the first thing that catches your eye, naturally. And this toilet looks like it got stuck in time, but has been someway dragged against its will in the contemporaneity.

It displays a classic, yet modern, chic design, with excellent finishes and an overall smooth and stylized feel. You simply can’t go wrong with it.

2. Anti-bacterial polish

This is an important feature because it ensures a sanitized, clean environment where it matters the most. And everything is possible thanks to the EverClean surface, whose main goal is to repel bacteria and inhibit mold and mildew growth at the same time.

Aside from that, it will also keep odors away, providing you with a cleaner, hygienic and more sanitized environment.

3. High-performance

It is a strong flush toilet delivering top efficiency at the press of a lever. A chromed, good-looking, polished lever, that is. And we all know how important it is for a toilet to have powerful flushes, because what else is there to a toilet, except several other crucial features?

For top efficiency, there is no question about it, this piece hits the hot-spot.

4. Top comfort with a twist

The comfort provided by the elongated, smooth bowl cannot be denied. And the same thing can be said about the bowl cover, which comes with an elegant opening, fit for both men and women alike.

A comfortable toilet is a quality toilet, which explains why this one has so many admirers worldwide.

5. Simple and strong

Despite being simple in design, the American Cadet Toilet proves that the first impression doesn’t cut it. For a more extensive look, it comes as obvious that there is more about this one that meets the eye. The material used in its construction is solid, ensuring its durability and the finesse of the manufacturing stands as a proof of the high craftsmanship behind its design.


Drawing the line


However you would look at it, this toilet definitely meets the highest standards on the market. But there is no such thing as an objective review without including the pros and cons.

That being said, here is what the users thought about it.


  • Smooth, polished design – If anything, the design is important because it helps your toilet complete the bathroom setting efficiently.
  • Outstanding durability and strength – You need a toilet that will withstand the test of time and this one has been designed to achieve just that.
  • Top comfort and efficiency – If it looks good and it performs flawlessly, it is equally as important to feel good as well. And this one does the job just perfect.
  • Top performance with powerful flushes – After all, every other feature becomes irrelevant if this one isn’t up to the expectancy. Powerful, potent flushes will ensure your toilet’s peak performance.
  • Anti-bacterial and mold and mildew repellent coating – Nowhere is hygiene as important as it is in the bathroom. Sure, you need to use cleaners once in a while, but the fact that this toilet has been built with anti-bacterial properties included is definitely a huge plus.


  • Not enough color diversity – It isn’t something that weighs too much on the opposite balance anyway. It’s just that it had to be mentioned here.


Should you buy it?


The question is not whether you should buy it or not, but when. The indisputable quality, the way it looks and performs and sanitizing coating make this piece to be among the top sellers in the world.

Yes, you should absolutely buy it. As for “When?”, I believe that is self-explanatory. Well, right now!

Christopher has been working on the 'Home Renovation' niche for the last decade. He always admires the minimalist design and architectural efficiency.
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